Gas Grill and a Cast iron smoker box , I need HELP!!!

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Jul 14, 2009
I decided I would start small and bought a cast iron smoker box to place IN the gas grill.
I realize this is not a purist method, but it's what I have to start with.

I am attempting to smoke a rack of ribs (beef) this weekend and i'm looking for any pointers from you guys.
I have read the recipes and understand the 3-2-1 method. I suppose I am looking for tips, and methods around the gas grill smoking genre.

I'm using a 10,000 BTU 3 burner Kenmore gas grill.

I bought a bag of mesquite chips.
The smoker box is 10 inches long 3 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

I originally used one of those in my gas grill. They work fine I put the box on one side and lit the burner under that side only. On the other side I left the burner off. Get the temp up to 230f and then place the smoker box on the grill. Its been a while but I think I used to have to take the grate off and have the box resting right on the burner raised up a bit with an empty salmon tin. Just enough so it smoked but not enough so that the wood inside caught fire. I then did the 3 2 1 method with great success.

PS I think mesquite is too strong a wood for ribs, but my bro in law and cousin love them done in mesquite.

I just re-read your post, my smoker box was stainless steel not cast iron. The principal is the same though.

Good luck
What Bee said...... I will often use my stainless smoke box in my grill to season up salmon or a pizza or steak. I love sassafras wood on a big ol ribeye. Only trick is to find the spot that keeps your wood smokin but not burnin. I have to move my grate and lay the box directoy on the sear plate and turn that burner on low. Sounds to me like your well on your way to pickin out a smoker to go with that grill. Have fun.
My box worked good on the sear plate also. Had my best luck 2-2-1 with the ribs on the upper warming rack as far from the burner as possible. Sealing up some of the air leaks with heavy duty foil helps a lot. Back of the lid on most of them is wide open. And do not trust the lid thermo unless you've tested it.
You can get some great results on a gas grill, using your described method. I sometimes like a little smoke on grilled salmon, so I will make "smoke bombs" and put on the Weber flavorizer bar. Just put some soaked, or unsoaked chips in the middle of a piece of aluminum foil & roll it up like a big thick cigar, poke a few holes in it & place in grill above flame. Wait til smoke is generated & grill. Works great!

I would echo earlier comments about not using Mesquite. Just my opinion as well, but it can be pretty strong stuff. I don't use it at all anymore....
I never did "smoking" on my gas grill, but I have done some great slow cooked ribs on one in the past. I basically get it up to temp, then turn off all the burners except one way at one end. Place my ribs as far from that burner as I can and let it go. Usually my grate temp's were around 230 °F, so I would let them cook for 5-6 hours. Just remember if you lift the lid you loose all your heat real fast with a gas grill, so don't peak more than once an hour
This was my first fatty .
CI box above the farthest burner , chunks smoldering away .

As mentioned , try to use a good remote thermo so you can watch the temps without opening the lid.
Make sure you have enough propane .
oh good.. i was looking for something like this in my recent post. ok, i'm glad it works out well for people.
I put a 6"x6" chunk of expanded steel between the layers of 'flavorizer' bars. I use a mix of apple chips, mesquite chips, and leftover hardwood lump coal from previous smokes; I simply drop a couple of each on the expanded steel. The apple burns before the mesquite, and the coal keeps it from burning too quickly.

Of course, that's only when I'm feeling too lazy to take out the smoker. It definitely makes a difference.

keep tyring different ways, you'll find the one that works for you

happy smoking

wow! that meant something completly different 30 years ago
the trick with a regular gas grill is to fire on one side and chips pan some where near the fire but not right on top of the fire so they don't burn up really quick. You just have to move the chip pan alittle here alittle there and find that sweet spot. then you are off to the races. Happy Smoking is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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