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Apr 21, 2007
Well I'm waiting on the brisket & ABT's.I had a problem with my wood catching fire. I just got some apple, and for some reason it always caught fire. I tried soaking it, I use a bread pan for my wood box, and I even wrapped aluminum foil over top of the pan, poke a few holes in it, after around a hour I had a fire again. The brisket was at 152 so I pulled out the wood box and just let it cook. It's holding at 152 for over an hour now. I hope this one doesn't hold for a really long time.I"M HUNGRY!! I have a 7lb brisket in there, and 3 racks of spare ribs, a Fatty, and the skirts and trimmed off meat from the racks I dressed up. After I pulled out the ribs, I shoved in around 15 ABT's.I thought I had more peppers.


They were chunks, it looked like someone just took the branches and sawed them into little pieces around 1" thick & 1" round. They looked really clean, and once they started smoking you could smell the apple. At first I thought the fat from the ribs or the brisket was dripping down onto the wood and that'swhat was causing it to flash. But I covered the pan with aluminum foil and it still caught fire. Maybe it was just one of those days. Everything turned out good and that's all that matters to me.
Looks great! All this Q view making me jealous, working all weekend, day off working around the house, I cant win!

I think I blow everything off on Wed and smoke some grub!

Feel your pain on the flare ups, man it looks like it took nothing away from your smoke. Must've kept it thin and blue!
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