Full smoker - 4 batches of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans

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May 30, 2007
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My wife's side of the family is having a 30th wedding anniversary celebration for her aunt and uncle this weekend with 40 to 50 people attending. It is going to be a redneck type get together and a potluck deal. They will be cooking chickens and pig in an old refurbished wringer washer, shooting clay pigeons during the day and a fireworks show that night. My wife and I are bringing 4 batches of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans. I made a quick batch last weekend to test them and they are delicious. We are taking off tomorrow night and bringing the smoker with is not an option, 5 ½ hour drive. So tonight I am smoking up the beans.
No doubt! Maybe you should dose 'em up with the Beano...either that or keep open flames to a minimum!

Lookin good though. I do love those beans!
Sorta like sitting around the campfire in Blazing Saddles. Slim Pickins says, "I believe you boys had enough!"
Dem beans is kinda spicy fer dem folks up dere, by golly.
Post pics of the chicken, and whatever, being cooked in a wringer washer. Bet the flavor is interesting!
Now that's a whole lot of beans right there! Good thing you're half way across the country from me... the aftermath could ruin our air quality!
Cost efffective trip when you connect too your car/truck and use methane propellant!!
Well my wife just contacted me with the dreaded I have good news and I have bad news email. Good news is her employer opened up the work hours to unlimited overtime with double pay through the end of October plus additional bonuses. Bad news is we are not going to her family get together this weekend because of it. Yep, we are greedy and she has this silly thing about paying the bills.

I will ask the mother in law to take pics of the refurbished wringer washer cooking up the chickens and other stuff though.

But now I have about 4 gallons or so of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans to get rid of or take care of. I have them refrigerated in 2 large containers right now. I am thinking of freezing one container and breaking the other container up and bringing a few large size family servings to some friends of ours tonight. Does anyone have any experience freezing these or thoughts on it?
Aw man, that sux!

Well, I've never frozen baked beans before... there's never any left! Butt, I do freeze bean soup fairly regularly with great success, if that's any help.
I was about to say you were going to make a fine contribution to global warming with those beans...oh whell perhaps some other time.
Dammitboy, that's a shame. They freeze well, just fill up containers real full or put them in big baggies and roll the air out of them to avoid ice crystals.

I was going to see what this "northern lights" business was all about......
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