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Discussion in 'Pork' started by stiffyman, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. stiffyman

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    A couple of months ago we had a big family camping outing, I made the misquite smoked pulled pork, smoked it at about 230, 6 hrs
    then foiled and finished it off in the oven another 8hrs, rest about an hour then pulled it was great, done it this way many times. we had some left over so when we got back from the camping trip I froze it. well took it out of the freezer yesterday put in the oven a couple of hours either i was hungry or it was better the second time so for those that have wondered if, how smoked pulled pork freezes it freezes up well
  2. fire it up

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    I've got about 25-30lbs of pp in the freezer right now that I am taking to a wedding reception to reheat. Just added back some of its own juices and freeze, then when reheating I add a few good squirts of finishing sauce and it is just as good as the day it got smoked.
    I love that fact that BBQ takes to freezing so well. I have made fatties, frozen them then thawed to cut a slice and refroze up to 6-7 times and every time it came out just as good.
  3. herkysprings

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    The collegen -> gelatin conversion that happens while BBQing (same with stew meat etc) works very well for re-heating due to the fact that the gelatin takes a lot more heat to get to the point where everything is broken down.

    Same principle as to why stew is better the next day. Infact I cook my stew meat by itself the day before, refridgerate, then put the stew together the night I want to eat. The bonus of this is that the stew only takes 30 minutes to re-heat the meat and cook veggies!
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    SHhhhhhhhhhhhh...Don.'t tell LOL.We cater alot and sis is doing 4 or 10 butts for friday at her company.Just vac-u-seal and reheat in water and save butt juices and..........BINGO...

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