Frozen deep fry oil

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Nov 2, 2006
Hiya, got a quick question. I left a gallon (read 25 dollar) container of brand new, never opened, deep fry oil for my King Kooker turkey fryer outside in my outdoor kitchen cabinet. I'm sure it froze during the 5* temps we had a few weeks back but it's thawed now. Is this oil still usable? Any precautions I should take?

If it was me, I would fry something like some french fries and see how it does. If it looks OK (not seperated or real cloudy) it probably is Ok.

Check the smell and see how some fries do and then you will know without wasting some good meat on bad oil.
I have had grease freeze before and it was alright. you may hear some popping when you get the grease around the boiling point of water which is normal, it is just the condensation going out of the grease. It should stop popping once the moisture has evaprated and should work fine. Steve
I have been deep frying for several years, and can tell you I would much rather store oil in cool temps then hot ones. The fact that the oil has never been used makes it even better. Use it, and enjoy.

thanks folks. I'll give er a whirl and let ya know how it goes :) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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