Fridge Is Full !!!!!

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Sep 16, 2006
Want to smoke 3 yard birds tomorrow. Found the fridge is full. No place to put them, SO went shopping also. Is there a way? Maybe ice? Will that dilute the brine? Any suggestions? Thanks.
I have heard that if you decide to use ice to make sure that you place the ice in a ziplock bag. This way it will not dilute the brine.

You do run a bit of a risk for the meat to raise above 40 F and that can be a health risk.

You have just experienced my reason for being on the look out for a spare refrig that I plug in and use just for this type of application
Got a spare freezer in the garage, duh.. no fridge. Gonna fix that problem. Upon reading some past posts, I've noticed some don't brine, just keep the skin oiled. Guess I'll Beer Can these 3 yard birds.
yo cajun 1,
i dry cure poultry with mortons tender quik.

i rub it on and let sit 2 hrs.
1 table spoon a lb.
then rinse off exess and pat dry before putting in smoker.
Cajun you are always welcome to come to the great State of Michigan where it gets cold enough to place the meat in my 3 season porch.

The basement under the porch stays around 55-60 degrees year around and during this time of year will get cold enough where it can be used as a walk in cooler.

This works the best during deer season when I make large batches of salami and need to have it sit over night
Cheech.. Honestly, I'll stay here in Idaho. My basement does the same thing. Venison Salimi ???That sounds good... Slowly getting things needed for sausage.
cajun for some real good eating try goose salami. I stumbled onto it years ago and have come to look forward to it as the season comes.

The lean nature of the goose with pork fat added for the flavor it is to die for
Got a hand grinder out in the garage somewhere. Tried to locate it last week (haven't seen it since we moved in here 3 years ago). It's in a box somewhere. Then it will be time to get a stuffer. Didn't I see a recipe on Goose Sausage in an earlier post?
5 lb goose
1 lb lean pork
4 ½ T Morton Tender Quick
¼ t thyme
2 ½ t garlic salt
2 ½ t mustard seed
2 t coarse black pepper
2 t MSG

Cut goose and pork into 1†chucks. Mix all ingredients into meat. Refrigerate in non-metallic container. Sealed for 24 hours, Grind the meat through 3 blades, any way that you do it make sure to grind it well. Mix well pack in non-metallic container. Seal and mix well for 3 days. Mix every day. Form into rolls or stuff after the 3rd day. Place in smoker keep temp under 165F until internal temp gets to 150
– I have used breakfast sausage for the pork, if you use half regular and half hot it is great.
When I don't have any room in the fridge, I use a cooler and ice. I use the ice right in with the brine. 1/2 water and 1/2 ice with the salt and other goodies. Keeps it real cold. Just keep checking it to make sure it keeps temp.. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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