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smoking falcon

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Jan 19, 2006
Greetings All!

My Name is Dennis and I hail from the Buckeye State! I feel fortunate to have such a great wealth of all of you to mold my 22 year old mind into a master at the grill. I one day hope to attain membership into your highest honor, the OTBS

My Cousin and her husband ,mostly her husband and friends who I will henceforth refer to as a collective "cousin" built a smoker and invited my family and I down to partake in the festivities. Since then I haven't been able to keep that day out of my mind and decided to build my own smoker.

In my haste to get some great pointers and seeking approval I joined and immediately posted my thoughts and neglected to introduce myself on this roll call.

Anyway, I am also a college student studying for my Associates of Fire Science degree, as well as my Bachelors degree in Emergency Management. I enjoy the outdoors, cooking, camping, eating the food that I cook, and learning about everything else in between.

Lastly, I hope all those veterans out there take a minute and look up my smoker plans on the wood smokers forum and let me know what you think, ask me questions galore and I'll be happy to give you any info I may have omitted.

Peace All!
Welcome Falcon,

Sounds like you have experienced the addictive nature of smoking meat.

I trust that you will find plenty of information needed to make your smoker just the way you want it.

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