Freezing and smokin

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May 27, 2006
Oshawa Ontario Canada
Hi everyone and good morning.
Has anyone smoked a bird and frozen it for consumtion at a later time.

I know fresh is best but I'm going away on a fishing trip and want to take a few smoked birds with me for a meal with the boys.
I would like to smoke em now as I won't have the time later.
Do we loose the flavour and will it hurt the tissue much if I freeze it for lets say...three or four weeks.
Thanks in advance for any help with this little problem.
We vacuum seal and freeze whole or parts all the time. Still comes out tender, juicy, & smoky. I think the only thing that suffers loss is the skin texture if you're looking for cracklin' crisp skin, it tends to be less crisp. We usually reheat in the bag though so that may be the reason.
I have never frozen smoked poultry before, but I make canadian bacon frequently and I vacuum wrap and freeze that. Tastes fine, textures good. As long as you donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t force thaw the meat, you know, like countertop or microwave. Thaw in fridge. Otherwise the tissue cells burst.
But thatâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s just my 2 cents.
Bob is right on as usual :D , we smoke 6 chickens at a time when we do chickens and then cut in half and vacuum pack in halves. The only problem I ever had was the skin is kind of chewy. I thaw them in the fridge and heat them skin up in the oven and that helps the skin some. The taste of the meat is just about as good as fresh of the smoker though.
Thanks everyone for the feed back.
The skin thing is not an issue with me. I can never get a crisp skin...I could use it to retread a tire :) so I just discard it.
It's a temp thing with the electric smoker..
I did see a nice gas smoker today at Cosco $239.00 That would get the skin nice and crisp.
I just have to figure out a good story for the better half...She went downstairs one time and saw all my duck decoys and exclaimed Where did all those come from...........I said I only had half a dozen."Those little buggers ,that's it, from now on the light stays on. She asked why.....Well I said! Cause they're breeding in the dark :D :twisted:
Thanks all
Rodger, You're suppose to eat the crispy skin first and then vacuume seal the rest of chicken. <I usually tell them "Hey, it's leftovers what do want?"> thats my 2.5 cents

I have the same problem as Gremlin, I don't get any crisp skin unless I grill it or broil it in the oven. :cry: So I vacuum pack mine and then when I heat it in the oven I turn the broil on for a few minutes and crisp up the skin. I do like the skin but not if it is soft and wimpy. :roll: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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