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  1. If you have a chainsaw, check out this ad for free wild cherry in St. Louis:

    I just called Scott from the posting, and he said there is a bunch left. About 12" diameter, and ranging from 4' to 12' sections. It's free, just call him and go grab it.

    [​IMG]If I had a chainsaw, I'd be all over this... but since I don't, I'll have to impose a small finder's fee in the form of fresh-cut cherry wood j/k[​IMG]
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    Thats a heck of a deal you could always check into renting a chainsaw and get some of that wood most of the rental stores around here rent them maybe they do there too
  3. Hey that's not a bad idea. I haven't even thought of that. Maybe I'll look into it if there's any left. I have a feeling it won't last long around here.

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