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May 21, 2007
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Anyone know of a web host that will do video files for free?

I used to do my own when I was shooting Virtual Tours, but haved dropped my sites and domains since making the transition to full-time student on way to becoming a Registered Nurse.

My output files will be in Flash format - 320x240 - usually 200-300kb download speed. File size is hard to say but figure 10 - 40 megs

I want to video some BBQ events, smokes, preparation...etc...

I'm not a big YouTube fan, so I'd like to avoid if possible.

Any suggestions appreciated......
I'm not sure what a total number would be. I'm just considering taking the time to video some of the BBQ techniques we use here so that others can see what we do instead of trying to figure it out through posts.

I'd also like to take some video of gatherings and competitions.

Thought I would ask here and see if someone already knew before I started searching the web
Had a brief look..... there are many sites that offer "free" video hosting, meaning free, but limited.

Maybe we could get together as a group and use one or two sites.
If it's about smoking and can help folks (and you know what I'm doing) I would be willing to put them on my site for you. I never posted a video though. Is it the same as a photo? I think I have like 10 gigs of space and unlimited bandwidth.
Just a word of advice based on some experience with the SMF site on its prior host..

We had 15 gigs available for storage and unlimited bandwidth as well, however, as with most hosting packages, it was a shared server and when we started using over a certain amount of bandwidth consistently, they very politely asked us to move to a dedicated server.

Any server has a bandwidth limit regardless of what they tell you... you are limited by the total bandwidth of that server and how much is being used by the other folks on your server.

Most servers host 40+ sites so you can imagine how the bandwidth could get spread a little thin.

Like throwing a small bucket of chicken legs into a large crowd of hungry people.

You can say.. "Eat all you want" but ultimately the food won't last long.

Just something I have learned the hard way..
Yeah that makes sense. I've never even checked my bandwidth usage I figure for the most part it's just us can't be that much can it? LOL

I wouldn't know what is normal or high even if I did check it!
I did most of my previous hosting through Yahoo Small Business using their Starter Package which is 8.99 - 11.99 per month. Hosting virtual tours that were 40 - 50 MB and ran 3 - 7 minutes long. These were viewed by numerous peoples locally and across the country through the local MLS and Bandwidth and file size were never an issue and you could pay for more of each - ala carte - as needed.

I'll do some more thinking about it - and you all can send me some ideas of what you would like to see covered in a video segment or just post your ideas here. I really want to do it, but their has to be a need and a desire from people to see this done beyond it being a convenient novelty.
$100 an hour when I was doing my virtual tours....

That was until the bottom fell out of the housing market...
....but it taught me a lot of great things.

I want to video our visit to Taste of Grand Rapids and may have you host a short video or two from there, but ultimately I will probably just get another domain name and sign up for a low level hosting package and work it from there. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.