free prep table

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Aug 31, 2006
Florence, Az
I got this stainless steel table from where I work. An old school kitchen/cafeteria is being converted into office space and a warehouse, so the new warehouse manager is going thru the spaces and putting out anything he don't want. He told me "if it's outside, he wants it gone". That's all I needed to hear! I cleaned it up, tightened the hardware and greased the drawer glides. Now I got a great prep table for my cookouts!

do you guys know of anybody that's getting rid of patio space? I sould sure use some to put that prep table in.
I hear ya Brennan! I just sqeezed in my three smokers on my porch and almost have to suck it in to open the door on my Smoke vault!
Thats an excellent table for that purpose smokewatcher, a drawer to store knives etc etc ....and free is always good
great score .
Gotta love anything in stainless steel....

Blackhawk... if you'll take 231 north of Wetumpka (past the prison), there's a place on the right that has a fenced in area full of nice stainless steel restaurant stuff - tables, sinks, shelves, all kinds of things.

Never have seen a name on the fence or building, but it seems to be reclaimed restaurant equipment. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.