Free flowing brown sugar

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Jun 21, 2007

Can anyone give me some feedback on using free flowing brown sugar in dry rubs? Anything would help.

Chipotle Dude
I have had no problems using granulated lite brown sugar in rubs. It actually works rather well as it is dry and doesn't lump up while in storage. Measures the same as regular in recipes.
If your lookin to keep it dry, can I suggest a little cloth bag of rice. I keep one in my rub canister
I want to know if it will carmelize like regular brown sugar when it is exposed to heat from a smoker or oven?

Oh sorry I'm a little slow sometimes - yes it works just as well. I just wish it came in bigger packages.

I find the big grained sugars are the best for smoking, like turbino or natural brown sugars. They cost a little more then regular but IMHO it's worth it. They also don't seem to clump like the powdery ones do either.
I'll try the free flowing once just for reference, but I'll probably end up using the regular brown sugar, as long as I can control the moisture thing.

Have a good one!
Experiment. I figure that it is best to keep trying to improve. You will find that there are recipes, types of meat, smokers etc that you prefer over what other people like. You will find out that every one has an opinion
Being new at smoking this is my two-cents worth of information.
In my rubs, I like to use Turbinado sugar, find it in your natural food section.
It has a light molasses flavor and its is small granular form, keeps pretty well.
I am looking forward to learning much from all of you. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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