Franklin's Barbecue...

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Jun 28, 2022
I just received a $150 gift certificate to Franklin's... I guess I am going to have to go now 😬

I wonder if they have curbside... 😂

[EDIT] Yep - they have curbside - 5-lbs of meat minimum order... I guess that will be 2-lbs of brisket, 2-lbs of pork ribs, and 1-lb of sausage, and invite a couple of neighbors over for some...
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Nah I can drive it isn't that far but I do despise going into Austin - place makes me nauseous...
I hope you enjoy Franklin's.

I have to ask, though: If you're close to Franklin's, your pretty close to Lockhart (and you may be able to get there without going to Austin). Have you been there? There's some pretty good BBQ there, for sure. Owned, I think, by members of the same family: Kreuz; Smitty's; and Black's. Outstanding.
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Went to franklins a year ago. Well worth the wait in line. We were the first ones there and had a blast with other like minded people. It was the best brisket we had while in Texas or anywhere else for that matter is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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