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i cant remember now, lol

i think it was something to do with salt/sugar curing prior ro smoking, oh well it will come back to me
Now that you mention it.. I don't think we have a general topics area so I am going to create one. It will be in the "smoking meat" category

Thanks for asking 8)
tulsajeff- You might want to but a subheading on it to read something like

A Discusstion Thread for Items not covered by a Forum

Anyhoo-that's my .02 cents! :P
Just wait Roger. You'll find youself 100 miles from the nearest 'puter and then it will come to ya! (Least wise that's how it is with me. :roll:

Let me look into my cracked plastic ball and see if I can read your mind. . .Hmm- Blonde, blue eyes, REALLY nice shape, neked :shock: Nope that's not for this Forum. . . MMmmm Ok this is more like it, BBQ, pigs, chickens, ribs. . . Ok I think I have it. . . It was a question about brine recipes? ? Yeah? Am I right? ? ? (help me out here-I'm trying to prove to my kids that I can actually read their minds) :mrgreen:
Well since ya posted a link to you Cure topic I guess I was purty dang close-Glad I could help ya remember. :D is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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