for all our wet texas brothers

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I concur wholeheartedly. Had to go to New Braunfels nine or ten years ago after a flood to inspct a damaged facility, what a mess.
Here's to wishing them well!!!
Hey thanks ya'll ...........we're like a bunch of drowned rats here, it's been rainin' for 3 weeks here.....
Thanks ta all y'all frum us in Houston
Sbeen pourin like a cow pissin on a flat rock fer quite a spell now, but we's gettin by. My cement pond done overflowed and dares a buncha toade frogs what moved in thare, and tha mosquitoes is havin a field day on ma ass ever time I venture out ta the back a tha house. But ma fare keeps a burnin wid tha lid close and da smoke does wonders ta keep em offa me. Ma dogs dune hunkered unda tha porch and he aint come out in days now. But well hell, all y'all stay dry now and gowan an smoke sumptin up! We alls guna be jus fine now.
Stay safe and good luck down there! Anyone know how to build an ark?
we are doing ok in central texas. i am tired of the rain though. no, i do not know how to build an ark, hehe.
Do i detect a lil' cajun in that thare voice??

Hope your all doin well and wish we could have some of that rain. Keep your heads up and your smokers dry
Yeah its flooding in Texas thats for sure and theres no end insight. Looked up the extended forecast and its showing rain all next week thru the weekend. Its so blasted wet here you cant walk in your yard without bogging down. This is my busy season and all this rain is killing me as far as work . Guess theres not much I can do about it so I will just float along.
Yep, were gettin blasted with rain here in Arlington. Johnson creek is flooding out of its banks. Im gonna smoke some ribs this weekend, under the carport, if its still raining. Hopefully it will clear up by the 4th. We are gonna be in the parade of lights on Lake Arlington. Dress up the boat with lights if it dont rain. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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