Foodsaver Model question

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May 14, 2007
I've had a real hard time deciding on a vacuum sealer but I need to finally get one .
After reading everyone's advice I'm going with a Foodsaver but there are so many different models and I don't want to buy one then regret I missed out on important features.

I'm looking at a couple models like the V2440, V2840, V2860 and the Professional III.

Most of the difference seems to be the number of different levels of vaccum for sealing (how adjustable and how fast you can suck the air out). The pro model has heavy duty knobs and stuff, don;t know how important that is. These models range from 140 - 250.

If anyone has one of these models and they can tell me what features are worthwhile and which aren't or wish they had that would help me greatly in my purchase. Thanks.
My wife and I have a few different models of Foodsavers and very much like the product. From my understanding all models except the professional model can do 4 or 5 seals and then need to cool down for a bit before sealing again. But with the professional model you can just keep sealing one after another. We do not have the professional model, we just take our time.
I have had the 2440 model for over a year now...use it quite problems with it at all...really like it...don't have to let it cool down after sealing a number of times...just one after the other...use the rolls.. so that is two seals per bag..don't see any advantage spending extra money for features you might never use..all ya need is vac and seal...
I have the 2420 only thing it has is a place inside to hold the rolls out of my way. They always seem t want to roll onto the floor so this is nice. I find by the time I seal one bag and ready another it's cool already. I have seal up to 20 or so bags at a time for fruits and stuff and that 40 or more seals. I double seal all liquids just to be sure.

There also great for making TV dinners with you leftover Q!
I don't know what ours is, but we paid $100 at Target for it. It works fine.

Suck-n-seal is all you need. We have to wait 20sec between 2 seals, but that has never been an issue.

Wife is look'n for a bag big enough to fit my head in....................and I'm help'n.
..........she like's it that much......
I use the 2440 too. It's simple, it works and I paid about $140 for it.
I have the FoodSaver V825 ............. works like a champ! I cant remember how much it cost. It came with 3 canisters and lids, which I use to store beef jerky in, also came with a canning lid to re-seal mason jars. ........... Mrs Fish just looked over my shoulder and said SHE paid $130 for it from Kohls and that I was proud of her for not skimping ....... She did good! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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