Food Saver Handheld deal

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I just ordered one. You have to look closely for the promo code link on the checkout page...

Great heads up Brian.. Thanx!

Just hope it aint some sort of phishing scam. I used a credit card anyway..
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I just tried it and put in 2 for qty and it was $3.60 for one and $7.20 for Two..  Just put in the qty you want and click update.   It changes the price when you click apply code.
Got 3 coming thanks for the info
Thanks for the info!! I ordered one and then they took off the 8.50 shipping too. Yaaaa.

 Got the tool and a box of 18 quart bags for 12.52!
I got the handheld thrown in when I ordered the countertop model, but have yet to use it. It sounds from the response that it must be useful, although the regular model is so easy to use, I'm wondering when the handheld would be used. Is it an in-the-field kind of thing?
Just ordered mine too
I need a few more to re-seal lunchmeats and bacon. This hand-held thingy will be much more convenient than my seal-a-meal.
The price wont change until you apply the code at checkout.
Brian is correct, I just ordered two for a final price of $3.98 each including shipping.
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