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Feb 26, 2007
My folks are coming up to see us this afternoon, and they wanted me to smoke some meat for supper. I got started last night by doing two fatties and a double smoked ham. The two packs of sausage are from a local processor and don't have all of the crazy preservatives in them. The ham was "mini" ham from Cumberland Gap Provision Company. It was a fully cooked hickory smoked ham. I scored it with a knife and covered it with olive oil and fresh ground black pepper. I smoked all of the above with apple wood. Based on the sample of the ham and the sausage biscuits I fixed this morning for breakfast it all worked very well.

Right now I have two beef chuck roast going in the BGE with hickory wood. I plan to pull them. If I have enough left over, I will make a small batch of chili with it as I just want to see what chili with the smoked meat will taste like.

For the sweet touch, I bought a butter loaf cake. I plan to cut it into slices and toast them on the grill. We're going to top it with strawberries and cream.

Here's a look at the chuckies four hours in:
i did a chili using smoked vension roast it was good some of my mistakes weretoo much meat i know its hard to beleive theres such a thing but the fact that i ddn't shred it into small enough pieces made it about the consistancy of bbq beef with chili beans it was good none the less but the texture could use some improvement
WOW, looks and sounds delicious!!!!!! Drooling....... I think your folks are in for some incredible food, and the dessert sounds srumptious as well.

The BGE settled in at 268 for this cook, and seemed to want to stay there; so, I let her rock. I decided to check temps at five hours and check for tenderness. It's a good thing that I did as at five hours on the nose I was at 195 in one and 198 in the other with both being fork tender. So, I took them out of the cooker and wrapped them in foil and a towel to rest.

Here are updated pics:
I guess I took them out a little too soon. One of them pulled very easily, but the other still had a good bit of connective tissue in it. I pulled it as best as I could, and I cut the rest into small chunks. I was pleased with the color though. :) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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