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Jan 29, 2007
Thanks for all the help.

I brined and injected with brine the "fresh Ham" for 12hrs, rinsed it off. I put it in my Brinkman Electric smoker. I ran the smoker for 5 hours using hickory chips, the meat thermometer never got over 100 degrees, so I finished cooking the meat in my oven. And to my amazement, it tastes like slightly smoked pork roast.

I don't think, this little electric smoker gets hot enough to smoke larger pieces of meat.

how many lbs did ham weigh???

joedo,to properly cure a ham or bacon you need to leave it in cure for at least five days.The longer you leave it in after five days the saltier it will be.The twelve hours you did wasnt near enough time process to work.Dont give up cause when you get it right you will like it I guarentee.

Dacdots is an expert smoker! Makes stuff the likes of which I haven't seen since I was a kid! You'd do well to imulate his techniques!
joedo,also I should say that a longer smoke will help to improve flavor. When you put the ham in the smoker you should let it go an hour or so to let the surface of the meat dry really good before applying any smoke.Wet or greasy meat will not take smoke very well at all.I smoke mine for 16 hours.
the air inside of the red brinkman gourmet water smoker should get to
225 degrees internal air temp--

the out side temp--
the wind--
the weight of the piece of meat--
all effect smoking time...
Smoke,this a recipe that will do 25 lbs of meat.

5 quarts of ice water 38 to 40 degrees
1 lb.salt
1 cup powdered dextrose
2/3 cup Instacure #1

This can be used for injecting or soaking.If you dont know,the powdered dextrose is corn sugar,the Instacure is a commercial cure.These can be purchased from most any supplier,I get most of my stuff from The Sausage Maker.They say you can reduce the salt by 25% for a less saltier product.This recipe is about the same thing as Mortons Tender Quick or most any "sugar cure."If you need any more info on hams just ask,Thanks,David
Just wondering - right now we have ice water coming from the faucet. Why does the water have to be iced? Does it effect the meat somehow?
Debi,you want to keep the meat at 38-40 at all times if possible.Using ice water will keep the temp of the meat from getting to warm.Warm meat leads to spoilage. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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