Foccacia Bread Pizza

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Aug 1, 2018
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First a thanks to Robert for helping me buy these kits and for taking time on his busy day to help me out.

This yeast was on steroids. Doubled in 30 min. Knocked down and let go another 45.


Got ingredients together. I have come around to Al's thinking of less is better but this going to be a thick crust so pour it on.


Ready to assemble. I have never decided cheese on bottom or top so I put it on both.

20220924_155026.jpg 20220924_155429.jpg 20220924_155527.jpg

Mean while some Margarita's. I loved that six pepper blend for the rim but they quit making it and have not found a sub for it. I found this old one hiding the other day. If you ever wonder while all my pictures are on the stove I literally only have 3' of counter to work on.

20220924_155843.jpg 20220924_152745.jpg

Put in RecTec. Mine runs 25 degrees hot. Package said 400 so set it at 375. After 15 minutes figured out it was not hot enough so raised to 400. About 8 minutes later raised to 425 which is where I should of started! Ended uo taking out at 30 minutes. Never got a good crust on the bottom but it does taste good. I'm a huge cold pizza fan and this was good cold.

20220924_162418.jpg 20220924_163503.jpg
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Look great. I have also bought the dough kit but have not tried it yet.
It looks great, Brian!
I've done Foccacia two ways. Regular and Sourdough, and both rise fast. I think that's how Foccacia works.
We don't do many pizzas because of the Mrs. low sodium thing (think cheese), but I keep thinking it would be a great pizza dough. Soft and chewy.....
This is now on my to-do list!
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