FMCowboy's 1st Brisket w/ Q View (fingers crossed)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by fmcowboy, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Ok. Thanks to everyone for the tips. FOr the first try I went with a whole flat from Publix, about 6 lbs or so. I looked here, in BBQ books, and on the web at recipes & such and have created a collaboration of what I found. I went with an overnight marinade, rub, and I'll spray every hour after the first 2-3 hours. I have decided not to foil during the cook, but haven't decided yet if I should put it in a disposable aluminum pan w/ some au just fat side down toward the tail end of the cook. I am leaning toward not doing that either and trust mt spritzing to keep it moist.

    Ok so here goes, wish me luck. Sorry I forgot to take shot of meat in package.

    Overnight marinaded

    Slathered a bit of mustard as glue

    All rubbed n ready

    ok we'll keep yall updated!!
  2. pignit

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  3. Pignit (LOL)

    Ok that bad boy is in the smoker. So how long do I apply smoke so I don't oversmoke? Do I go by that adage that meat won't take smoke after 140 degrees and apply smoke until then or will it be oversmoked by then? I am using all hickory for this one.
  4. May need some help. My brisket has been n for 1 hour and the temp probe in the meat is now saying 129 degrees, is this possible???????? SHoudl I open the smoker and re-stab the meat???
  5. now at 134 degrees just 2 minutes after the last post. I remember putt the probe into the middle of the meat. I guess I can re-do the probe. I knew I'd screw this up LOL
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    Dont panic!! It is pretty common to have the meat up in the 140's after the first couple hours, and you want it this way. You want the meat to get out of the danger zone. Re probe if you think you need to, but just stick it in the midde and roll with it. You will have at least one if not two plateau to get through.

    You can easily oversmoke in the MES. I do follow the smoke till 140 rule when in the MES, and just thrown in a handful at a time to keep the smoke thin and blue. Keep the vent all the way open during this time too..

    I have 8 hours and counting till my Brisket is on today.. :)
  7. ok. I thought it would be pretty impossible for that meat to be at 148 degrees is a little over an hour. That's only like 32- 37 degrees from pulling it out. I guess those are the tough final degrees though that may take hours & hours.
  8. Ok in the first stall I believe. I stuck a 2nd probe in and also read the same, so I'll go with it. Stuck at 152 degrees now for a while so thats good. I think I will not add any more wood the rest of the way. So smoking portion is done.

    Should have a good smoke flavor for being smoked for an hour or so right?
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    As long as your chamber temp is where you want it at then you should be find with the meat temp. When I cook a larger piece of meat I do not put the temp prob in until the 3rd or 4th hour. At taht point I make sure the outer 1/2 inch of the meat is above 140.

    are you saying that you only applied smoke for a hour or so? I would apply smoke the whole time. It will continue to take the smoke for a good amount of time. If you spritz or mop you will take the surface temp down allowing it to take more smoke.

    Cant wait to see the finish.
  10. Yes, only smoked first couple of hours.(all smoke probably gone after about 3 hours) Should I put a few chips on now after 4 hours?

    Also, the temp has actually gone down from 151 to 145, is that normal? Smoker is still around 220 degrees. Is that part of the stall?

    Here's some smoker cam after first 3.5 hours. Notice teh drip pan below. Not much drippings and even some burnt juices. Will that burnt smell ruin my meat? Can I add a little mop sauce in that pan? I alsio have a water an on the bottom. I plan to do a fattie ina couple of hours, where should I place as the bacon grease may drip on my brisket. I could move the brisket to the top and put the fattie down below maybe.

    i'll keep you all posted. About 4 hours in so far and just rotated the brisket and spritz'd it.
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    Looking good I to would add Thin Blue Smoke for more time. If I put a pan under the brisky I usually add a can of broth or a cup of water to it. Personally I would move the pan up under the brisket more and put the fatty under them but thats me.
  12. Thanks Piney!! I added 1 chunk and a few chips, and will move the brisket up top with the drip pan later, and do the fattie under those. Sounds like a good plan! What temp do you take yours off at?
  13. pineywoods

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    I do about 190-195 for slicing and 205-210 for pulling
  14. plugs

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    I am doing my 1st Brisket tomorrow and this is very helpful. I have been reading a lot of posts & think I have everything ready, just not sure when to put it on in the am for a 5:30 dinner bell. How long did you figure for your smoke? I have a 5 pounder, but it looks a bith thicker than your flat. Not sure what the cut style is, but it looks kind of like a big pork tenderloin.
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    Looking good so far. I take mine off at 185-190 for slicing. Wrap in foil and let it sit for a bit. Pulling I do the same as I would for PP.

    Glad to see that you added some more wood. [​IMG]

    Cant wait to see the finish.
  16. bmudd14474

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    You may have the point instead of the flat.

    I would start it at about 7am that way if you have a long stall you have the time to recover. If it goes smooth then double foil and slam it in the cooler for a few hours. Generally you figure 1.5 hr/lb. so about 7.5 hours.

    Good luck on your brisket.
  17. ok, I think I will foil after all. I'm going to foil tight at 165 degrees and take to 185 or so. some say to add a cup of liquid or more to the foil packet,but I will just wrap really tight with a spritz of mop sauce. The little end I cut off to index the grain direction after cooking tasty oh so yummy. I forgot I had it in there so it was kind of like jerky, but oh so good. lol
  18. the dude abides

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    Looks and sounds like you're pulling off a successful smoke. Way to go. Looking forward to final picts.
  19. ok. It hot the 160 degree mark, so I wrapped it up in foil with some of my top secret mop sauce (only top secret if it comes out great) and if it does, I;d be happy to share as always LOL. Here's a couple of pics coming off and going into the foil after 7 hours.

    Thsi is before I mopped:

    after mopped and ready for a wrap

    I don't know about you, but that looks good to me. Gonna take to 190, pull off smoker, leave wrapped to rest for 45 minutes. Later.
  20. Ok, just off the smoker at 190 degrees. Have it on the counter, still fully wrapped in the foil resting for 45 minutes. Can't wait to try it, the Fattie Italiano Part Deux that I am also doing should be done around the same time. I'd post q view but all you would see at this stage is a hunk of foil. LOL

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