Flyfishing Montanan who loves BBQ!

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Original poster
Apr 20, 2007
Just an intro, I'm in Montana and my main interest is to fly fish thus the name! I discovered this site when researching smoked cheese and have been lurking ever since! I'm still at the stage of smoking on a gas grill but am quickly out growing that! I also like the idea of the dutch oven forum! I know many a outfitter that still uses mules to pack camps into the wilderness around here and can get some great recipes for dutch cooking!
Love learning from the Pros, keep up the good work and I really need to stop stopping at this site on an empty stomach, because your pictures make me hungry!!!!
Welcome jayfish..........we have a couple things in common: smokin' and fishin'. Howsumever, my fishin is from a bassboat for brother Bass here in the East Texas Pineywoods.............
Welcome aboard, fellow fly fisher! Fly fishin' and smokin'... life is good!
Opus - Jayfish,

I live in Minnesota but I grew up in Hardin fishing the Bighorn, as a mater of fact I was out there for Christmas and caught some nice browns, and I just smoked a few of them trout a week ago. My mom still lives in Hardin, and I am making a trip out there at the end of June to fish trout in the morning and target practice on prairie dogs in the afternoon.
Welcome to the forum Jayfish. Please feel free to join in and share your smoking adventures, ask questions, or just draw from the knowledge of the friendly folks here. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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