flavor not in ribs

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Mar 18, 2006
Ok, now for the hard part. Since I am allergic to pork and can not eat it, I will try and explain the comment that was made to me by my wife abt the flavor/taste of the ribs I made.

I used a commercial rub to see how it would be. It smelled great, even a sample fnger to the tongue test was great. I put on my gloves, shook a nice even coating on the ribs, both sides, wrapped in foil and let sit overnight in the fridge. I slow cooked them on my offset at approx 235* for abt 3 hrs, wrapped in foil and added some "juice". Cooked abt another 2 hrs or so. When I unwrapped them, the meat was pulled way back from the bone, and a bone pulled out easily.

I asked my wife how they tasted. She said they were good, but the flavor was not in the meat, it was just like on the outside only.... How can I get the flavor to permeate the meat better???

You did it by the book, it seems. Were you generous with your rub? You should be. Try some of the different rubs the guys make here in the forum. Here is a thought, if the flavor is not getting to the meat, season ribs well and put in Foodsaver Bag and shrinkwrap, throw in fridge overnight. This action is supposed to force the spices through the surface of the meat…worth a shot. That would be my 2 cisterces worth! :roll:
In looking at your post, I noted that you smoked the ribs for about three hours and then foiled them for about two. After the two hour foil, did you return them to the smoker to crisp up the ribs? That (and the membrane question that someone else raised) is my only thought. One other.... what kind of wood did you use?
Ok, I find out it wasn't quite as bad as first thought. I asked her if it had any smoke taste... yes it did. Then she said it had good flavor, just not enough of the rub taste. So, there it is. I finally got the answer....

Thanks for all of your thoughts and suggestions. You were all right on.

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