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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 30, 2007
texas , queensland
G,day i just put a flat brisket in the weber for our evening repast . this time its not a corned one . so we'll see how i go with it .
i want to take it to pulling temp if i have enough time .i havent done any pulled pork or beef yet , its not real thick so i might get away with it. .i am making up some "Lone Steer Brisket Sauce" to try also .only thing i never had for the sauce was celery salt so i wacked in some garlic salt instead , and i will use malt scotch whiskey instead of bourbon,
i have made that sauce a few times; it is very good. i have never done a flat. i got a nice looking packer today, for smoking on sunday. (will post a report and pics sunday evening.) does it have any fat on it? if not, i would wrap it with bacon, and maybe slice it and put pieces of bacon, or something, in the slices, to make sure it doesn't dry out. make sure you mop it often, after the rub has set and you have your bark on it. remember the (food) porn too.
yep chris it a about 1/4 inch fat cap on it .trying to figure out what to do with it when it is cooked and pulled .
i am thinking hot dog rolls cut lenth ways part way through install some meat add some of the sauce and maybe top off with a good helping of fried onions ( love fried onions ). maybe a few baked taters on the side will just about do the job .
the outcome report
total disaster. not my fault though .
well it was a bit my fault in that i never allowed enough time and we were getting hugry . so at 180 i cut a chunk off enough for us to slice and i was going to let the rest continue through to pulling temp .
but the bit i cut and sliced was so salty we couldnt eat it well i did with the help of the sauce but the wife couldnt.
now on the pack it just said flat brisket it was a vacuum packed one ( cryo-vac ) no mention of salt or brine . so next week, wednesday when i go back to the city ( 2hours drive each way) i go every week i will go back to the butcher and tell him what i think, aint happy , see what he has to say .
it should state on the pack if it has some sort of cure , brine , or whatever .well in my opinion anyway .now what do i do with the rest of the salty $18.00 cut of meat , pretty hard to remove salt from cooked meat me thinks.
johno, maybe you should try a pasta dish or chili (just don't add any more salt) or some other bland base and let it cook for hours. That should help offset the saltiness.

Keep trying with those briskets.. you'll get one yet!
Sorry to here that Johno. Nothing worse then taking the time and effort to smoke a nice peice of meat only to be foiled by somthing you had no control over!!. I defintley would talk to the butcher, especially if the packaging did not state that it was brined or cured with salt and who knows what else. Did you happen to mention what you had planned for it when you purchased it?
yeah pigcycles i am sure i will have a good outcome if and when i can get the cut of meat that i want , and tonto i have given it some thought and i am going to chop it up and make a curry dish with it .
the wife and i like curried stew or cassarole type tucker ( food ) . not much chilli eaten in aussie land must investigate that further cos i do like chilli but the wife is not much of a fan of beans , so that makes it hard .

Johno -

All is notl ost. You didn't inject it right? Try rinsing it off and scraping it a it with a sharp knife to remove the outter salt. If it's still reall salty make a big pot of chilli or a stew. Taters, beans, rice or pasta will help absorb the salt.
yeah deb i am going to make a curry dish with it . just chop it up throw it in a pan add some veggies some sultanas curry powder bit of beef stock , few seasonings ( no salt ) .
and serve on a bed of boiled rice should do the trick i think. maybe a a blob of chutney on top
i only used jeffs rub on it . the meat seems to be salty inside and i never added any salt to it at all . so i figure it must of been brined or some thing . i will find out when i speak to the butcher next week.
Mmmmm, curried anything!!! Learned all about curry dishes when we visited England.... Great stuff!!! Never would have thought I liked raisins with any kind of meat, but simply fantastic!!! Johno, post a pic of the curry dish if you can. Mmmmmm Curry
ok this is what i did with the salty brisket .
chopped it up bolied it in just a little water for a couple of minutes , then poured off the water .
i rekon that should of gotten rid of some of the salt .
then i added all the other stuff and made a curry. it don't have the curry colour though because of jeffs rub paprika chilli and the dark bark that was on the meat .tasted pretty ok . a lot more spicy than a normal curry would , sort cross between curry and chilli . any way we ate some and i am still able to converse so it must of been ok .
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