flare up's in my elec. ECB

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by duffygould, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. I converted my ECB a few months ago and have begun to regret doing this and not just saving my $28 to apply to a diffrent smoker. I understand that it's just a matter of figuring this whole elect. think out but I have become very frustrated. I can't seem to get a smoke with out flare ups. I've tried chunks, small split pieces, wrapped in foil, on top a baking pan turned upside down. I've run out of ideas and patience are running out. since it's a conversion there are no lava rocks, just the element on a metal plate which rests on the legs in the bottom of the smoker. I bet the biggest problem is that this thing isn't flush with the walls of the smoker so theres tons of air coming in right at the element.
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    While I don't have that type smoker running yet my thoughts would be
    1. Buy some lava rocks to add to it
    2. Maybe fit a fire brick or something in where I could get a foil pack close to the element with touching it.
    3. Maybe a cast iron pan with foil on top with just a few holes poked in it
    As I said I don't use that smoker and am just trying to throw ideas out there
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    This is a challenge in the ECB electric. (temp spikes resulting from chunks igniting) I have the most success with a pie pan sitting on the element using dry chunks. I recently re-added lava rocks as the old one were tossed during a clean-up. That seems to have no bearing on this issue.

    I would add that this challenge pushed me over to try a drum since I was always messing with the ECB electric to monitor temps via venting, etc due to the flare-ups. I figure I may as well be monitoring a charcoal unit and get experience with that since I am tending the unit anyways. The ECB elec is still more 'set and forget it' than a drum but the drum is rock steady once set up properly, too. (I am still learning with the charcoal set-up in the basket, though)
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    1. Try small tuna fish or single-serve vegetable cans - place them around but not on the heating element - this'll prolong the smoke before the chunks go completely to ash.
    2. Pie pan directly on top of the element w/soaked wood chunks wrapped in foil that you poke holes in placed inside the pie pan will prolong the smoke.
  5. well I tried the tin can idea and got great results for about 10-20 min. then the thin blue smoked cleared. I waited about 20 more min for it to kick back up since the wood didnt ignight, but they never started up again.

    I took the cans out and just layed the chunks right on the metal plate the element rests on and theres were I got some good results well for the 20 min or so that the chicken was still on there. I had some chicken breasts on there and they had been cooked already. So there may be hope still. Now I just got to buy some more meat and try some more.
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    i put a small pan with small holes in it no flare up put coal in first then dry wood chips.

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