Fishy, not smoky

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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
Rolled in late last night with 19 NICE crappie, largest 16". Fellows Lake, Springfield, MO city lake. Fillet city! Gonna introduce them to hot grease. Fried taters with a bit of chopped fatty and onion. Cole slaw.
Too tired to take pics, filleted them and crashed.
I didn't know that crappie got that big. That's the size of a legal winter fluke in Jersey! I agree with adding some hush puppies!
Truman is a short run south for me, I like it. Never tried Montrose but it is about the same run, may now though!
I have an old friend and tournament partner who lives 5 min. from Fellows, he called and said get on down here, crappie are on! He goes each morning, limits out, goes home. Being an old Sprangfiel boy who fished Fellows right after it was built, it's nice to "go home" once in a while.

Hushpuppies. Absolutely!
We should have teamed up for a meal Mike. I don't have any crappie yet, but I am working my way through two plastic grocery bags full of red morels. Crappie filets and mushrooms are hard to beat.

My wife found 15 little greys in the yard yesterday, so not long until the whites start showing up.
Morels and crappie. Wow!
Haven't had time to get out and look, but it is definately time. Everything kinda happens at once this time of year.
I took the snow blade, wheel weights and chains off the Cub today and installed the mower deck. If I don't mow tomorrow I'll have to get a baler in here. Not to mention the heat from Jane. She leaves Monday for two weeks business travel to IL & NC.
I fish strictly catch and release for bass. Crappie and walleye are introduced to hot grease.
Can anyone recommend a book for smoking meat. Also how do I get my smoker box to produce alot of smoke. I have one morre thing should I preheat my gas grill before adding my smoker box with the wood chips
thank you
Probably the best book out there is "Smoke and Spice" by the Jamesons. Next would be of course Paul Kirk's Championship BBQ and his smaller book on sauces and rubs. Alot people like Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook as well. You can pick these up used on amazon for less than $10 shipped.

Hey mike, check out the links in red on the the upper left side. Most questions you may have are already answered there.
there are lotsa books out there on smokin. my personal recomendation on the best one out there as far as total knowlege, range of things covered, and best of all the sausage recipies from scratch, would be great sausage recipies & meat curing by rytek kutas. available thru sausagemaker or most bookstore should be able to order. as far as your smoker box, be careful on the smoke. just a lite amount of smoke all you want. get into heavy smoke and it will start to contain creosote wich will cause bad taste to your food. TBS or thin blue smoke is what you want. if u can smell it u got it.

but the best rescource for all your smoking needs is right here at SMF!!!
crappie... They always look like bait to me! I need to get a chance to eat one at some point. I hear they are incredible. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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