Firt time smoker/poster

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Original poster
May 26, 2007
ok I just bought a cheap Charbroil smoker and I am smoking for the first time. I decided on going with Chicken since it is cheaper than most other meats. I bought two whole chickens and rubbed them down last night and left them in the fridge overnight. I then cranked up the smoker around 10:30 this morning.

Like I said, I new to smoking and I do not have everything I need. So I am going solely off of time here. The chickens are about 3.5 lbs each and the temp on the smoker has been at a steady 200 the whole time. I am thinking to pull the chicken off around 3 or so.

I did not come across this forum until it was too late to brine them so I will try brining them next time. I will let you knowhow they turn out. So far they look really good the skin is just starting to turn a little dark now and by the pictures I have seen I will judge the cook time on mine.

I will be doing a brisket tomorrow and would like any advice before I start prepping it tonight is anyone has a good suggestion. I am from Texas and enjoy Dickeys brisket and would like something similar to theirs.
Do you have an instant read thermometer, or any thermometer at all?

Chicken is pretty important to get to the right temp, if not you'll be wanting to sit & kneel at the toilet at the same time.

We all can get you through this.
Wow. First time smoking and going for the brisket right off the bat. That's brave. Let me know how it turns out. Maybe you'll inspire to try my first. I have been doing it for about six months and haven't gotten brave enough yet. I tried a couple of chuck roasts, but they kept coming out tough. (Cooked too fast and too hot.)

I'm anxious to see how you do. Show some pics.

Most important... Have FUN!!!
I agree with Al, you also mite wanna crank up the heat a bit or your gonna have some major dry chicken, you've got 4 hrs already on some small birds, you're probably close to done, just wanna crisp up the skin
Pull on one of the legs, when its done it'll almost fall off
Yeah first time smoking for me. I can remember back in the days my dad use to smoke a lot of meats. I am willing to try new things so that is why I am going with the brisket. It is a small brisket about 5 lbs or so. If it does not turn out good, oh well you learn from experience right.

The chicken looks good right now. This is a charcoal/water pan with chips smoker. How can I turn up the heat? it is not electric or propane.

Like I said first time so I am getting a little experience right now. The birds look good right now and juices are running off the birds into the water pan right now still so I am sure there is still some more cooking to do. If it is dry, I will use some gravy or something to moisten it up.
NOPE, don't smoke that bird till no juice runs out, that don't mean crap. Bubba nailed it if you don't have a therm, wiggle that leg, if it feels like it will pull right off then it is done. No muscle, just pulls right off.

While that bird is smoke'n, run to the groc. store and get a thermometer! A therm is about as important as a smoker!

Gravy is used to cover mistakes & mashed potatoes. You can do this bird great w/out any gravy! Get your mind off the brisket and take care of the bird first.

While your at the groc store, get some batteries and take some pix. ..............oh yea, and grab some beer too ,I'm thirsty!

Good luck man, let us know how it turned out.
Welcome to SMF! Glad you are here. Let us know how you make out on that brisket. Check out the basic brisket smoke in the beef forum. Post pics if you can. We love the eye candy!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


well the birds are done. They turned out great. My wife and children loved it and I was pretty happy with the outcome. My wife is from South Korea and she is picky about "American" foods but she probably ate half of one of the birds.

The taste was excellent and I did not brine it at all. Next time, I will be reading up on these forums before starting. I am heading out to the store after I finish work (yeah I work from home on Saturdays) and I will pick up a therm.

Oh about the beer, I already have some at home but I am working. help yourself to one if you would like though. I also have some crown and sprite available.

My first smoking experience went well and yes I am still going to try tackling the brisket tomorrow. I will start with a rub tonight and maybe start up the smoker again tonight around midnight.

BTW, I did not need any gravy. It would have ruined the wonderful taste. I still have another bird that I already pulled all the meat off the bones and put it in the fridge for when my son gets here tomorrow.

Have a camera and batteries just wanted to enjoy the first attempt to myself. I will post picks of the brisket and let you know how it turned out. I know it will be a little more difficult and longer than the birds were.
CONGRATS TELCONAMJA!!! Glad to hear it went well. Puff out your chest and have a cold one when your done w/work.......its on me!
First smoke is usually the hardest.

Have a good weekend and good luck tomorrow, can't wait to see how it turns out.

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