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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gorillagrilla, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Attachment 7809trying whole chickens for the first time. Trying the brine for the first time.Following Jeffs suggestions as best I can, however nothing was mentioned about stuffing. not supposed to ? oh well , I did .some kind of cornbread mix w/ cellery etc. that my girl made . hope that was not a mistake. shall see . post qview as progresses
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    All I can add is be careful. The internal on the chciken only has to get to 170.

    The stuffing I suspect willl not get there before the thighs and breasts of the bird does IMO.

    I might be wrong and I hope I am. Other of the more expereinced guys will know more I'm sure. I guess it's better to find out for sure rather than a trip to the Doc's due to food poisioning.
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    I've never put stuffing in a chicken for the smoker. From what I've read Abelman has it right. The stuffing can cause problems with internal temps not making it up to the safe zone.

    Watch your temps really closely. And if there's any doubt, don't serve it.
    It's better to be safe than to have folks getting sick.

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