First Turkey......have questions...?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by griz, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. griz

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    I am smoking a turkey for our church's Thanksgiving lunch this weekend. I plan on using my Traeger smoker as my newly built smoker is not tried and tested yet. The traeger will allow me to cook the bird on medium or high (I still have to see what temp that is). But, when it is on either of these settings it does not smoke the bird. I plan on using a separate smoking device for that.

    Anyways, with that in mind, I intend on brining the bird and stuffing the cavity with onion/apple etc. Do any of you put a rub on the bird or do you allow the smoke to be what flavors the skin etc?

  2. flash

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    I put rub on mine. Usually Memphis rub. I just posted in the Beef section where I did Beef Ribs and a split Turkey breast.
  3. richtee

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    Better off with injecting a maranade. I love a half stick of butter, onion powder, celery salt and a bit of poulrty seasoning and about a half cup white wine. Bring the mix to a quick boil, cool and inject.

    On edit: If ya plan on munching the skin, and I DO sometimes, rubs are great too, and they can't hurt.
  4. shellbellc

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    I rub with a mild rub, inject with butter and maple syrup (grade B if you can get it) then smoke away. Why won't the traeger smoke on meduim?
  5. griz

    griz Fire Starter

    Traegers cook on medium and high. They have a smoke option which corresponds to low setting.

  6. shawnr5

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  7. bigjim

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    This is from the autumn 07 Trager newsletter....

    "Start your grill on “Smoke†with the lid open. Allow the fire in the firepot to establish, then close the lid. Switch to “High†(450°F on thermostat equipped units) and allow the grill to warm up for approximately 20 minutes. Switch the grill to “Medium†(275° or 300°F on thermostat equipped units), place the turkey in the center of the cooking chamber, breast side up. Allow internal temperature to rise to 100°F degrees, then switch to “Smoke†and smoke for 3-4 hours. If you want more smoke
    in your meat, lengthen the time you smoke the turkey. After the smoke
    session is complete, switch the grill back to “Medium†(275° or 300°F) and continue cooking until the breast temperature reaches 170 degrees Fahrenheit."


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