First Turkey for Easter.

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mnola917, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. mnola917

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    I am going to smoke a turkey on Saturday for Easter dinner. I needed some input on the best way to keep it moist after I reheat it. here was my plan:

    Brine it with Trav's brine (is this brine spicy? My family hates heat)
    Smoke it at 230 till 160* internal
    Let it rest, Residual heat should cook it to about 165*
    Preheat oven to 170* an hour before dinner
    Put turkey in roasting pan with a lil water and cover with aluminum foil
    Heat to 170*

    How does this sound? Any tips to help me get this turkey super moist even after reheating it?

  2. gravey

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    What I have done is simply this:

    Keep your bird in the roasting pan/rack until warm to the touch. Don't put it into the refridgerator right away as you'll just heat up all of the cold food in there and risk spoilage. Cover the bird and its cooking vessel with saran wrap or aluminum foil until it's chilled through. Carve your bird, and reserve all remaining juices (want a juicy bird? add oranges, onions and herbs into the cavity while smoking! MMmmmmmm good! Just don't eat them...) When it's time to reheat, put the meat evenly into cake pans or a roaster, pour the reserve juices on top or around the meat, cover with aluminum foil and heat. Voila! Moist, succulent, reheated bird.

    Don't be looking for crispy skin though, as it WILL become rubbery after reheating, no matter what.
  3. mnola917

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    I would like to avoid cutting it up first. Presentation purposes. I was going to rub it down with EVOO right before serving too and put it under the broiler till it browns to avoid the rubbery skin issue.

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