First try at making jerky in the smoker

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by mnduckhunter, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. mnduckhunter

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    Going to try and make some jerky in the smoker. I am using hamburger and a jerky gun. I have never used one. Any tips on using them?

    What temps and length of time do I put it on the smoker? I have an electric smoker so keeping the temp right is pretty easy.

    I want to try to make it all on the smoker. I have read some of the topics about putting in the oven and a dehydrater. I will try that next time. The wife wants me to do it all on the smoker so I want to make her happy...

  2. Still learning my self but every thing I have read you want to keep your temps under 140 any hotter and you are cooking it not drying it.
  3. meateater

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    I've made a bunch of jerky over the years and just started using a jerky gun a few weeks ago. Keep your temps under 160* and let them sit out for a while before refrigerating them. I let them sit out over night with a few paper towels on them myself, some might say that's to long but it aint killed me yet. [​IMG]
  4. roller

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    I have never used hamburger to make  j e r k y....
  5. nickelmore

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    There are bunches of different things that affect answers to your questions.  

    Making Jerky involves removing moisture from the meat versus "cooking"   Make sure that you are using the correct amount of cure.

    Low heat and air circulation are key.   The amount of time is all dependent on all types of things, temp, thickness of the meat,etc.
  6. meateater

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    Well technically there snack sticks. But either way there darn good. [​IMG]
  7. mnduckhunter

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    I will try it around 140 degrees and see how long it takes.
  8. I  have always made Jerky on the smoker. It took me a year and a hundred pounds of meat to come up with the perfect recipe years ago. Been making it for 30 years and over that time I have sold more pounds then I can count. Last time I made it I sold 50 lbs in one fail swoop. It is very tender and very addictive. Had one fella eat a pound in under 45 minutes and bought another. Had one fella buy 15 pounds at that same smoke. Smoking Jerky is the only way to obtain the perfect product. It is an all weekend event to make 50 lbs. But it's worth every minute. Never used a dehydrator for meat, only veggies. Never used a hamburger gun. But I seen Red Green use a caulking gun to make a sub sandwich once. ( He's My Hero ) Good Luck Friends 
  9. I use my electric smoker from the sausagemaker and smoke at 120* switching trays from top to bottom about every hour or so.  My first batch ever was in the oven with the door propped open a little and set at it's lowest setting.  With that batch I had to add liquid smoke.

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