first try at Country style Ribs

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Aug 17, 2007
mishawaka In.
First try Country style Ribs
After much reading I just went for it and bought some country ribs,
here are the pictures step by step showing my mod Brinkman electric smoker,its true what they say low and slow and its all in the smoke
Man were they good sprayed them down with apple cider vinegar every hour




Thanks Meowey for the Idea, since I am a newbie didnt know there was a contest still looking around the forum.What a great place to learn about Ribs a lot of Good people here thats for sure thanks again
Thank you to the one that gave me my first power rating this is so exciting I just love this forum
thanks again Redbrinkman1955
Debi, I would assume these are the country style ribs we discussed sometime ago? Ours in Florida look nothing like these and are individual cut ribs, with no or very small bones. More for the grill and not the smoker too.

Redbrinkman1955, I would love to know more about the mods to this electric smoker as I now have two friends here in Florida that have that smoker.
what do you want to know,everthing I have done is real simple.
All I have done so far is to drill two Holes in the dome,one for the elec.temp wires I drilled a hole in a cork and passed the temp probes thru that,and put a solid cork in second hole that way I can take it out and spray my apple cider vinegar thru the hole. also it can be pulled to help regulate the temp.I also took of door off and cut a round hole in it and put a oven temp gauge in it then painted the door black with high temp paint.That way with 3 temp gauges I can monitor the temp at my water pan level, the meat I stick a probe in, and then I put the third one into the dome and dangle it above the meat so I can see the inside dome temp
if you have any question let me know posted below are some pictures
thanks Redbrinkman1955




Haven't hooked that up yet but I heard that you can use a unit of an electric skillet I guess it depends on how it is Rated, hope to do that soon
Those do indeed look good , but I'm curious , could someone tellme , does the term "country style ribs" mean different things in different places?

Just asking because those don't look like the ones they sell here in Louisiana. The country style ribs I'm used to are actually a Boston Butt that has been cutinto rib sized fingers.
Flash -

Yep the same ribs but they are different in diferent areas of the conutry. Reds look like what I see here too. Usually cut up. I don't know why that is. Most places are more like what you had. Go figure!
I went to the local meat shop and they had these country syle ribs on sell for $1.69 per lb and the ribs I got were 4lbs. they also sell boneless style which to me looks like a cutlet all meat that's the way they sell them up here maybe someone else can chime in also
thanks Redbrinkman1955


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