first time turkey cut up and on the smoker!

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Jul 2, 2006
I soaked the turkey in brine of salt, garlic and onion powder, pepper and threw in some home grown rosemary sprigs and a basil leaf... smelled great this morning! I covered each piece with a bacon strip as was suggested somewhere on the forum. it has only been on for a few hours.

My smoker is an old weber barbeque that i put an electric hotplate on the bottom and put soaked wood chips on a pie tin....

i have it on higher than i did for the pulled pork... does that sound right? the wood chips get used up alot faster... should i lower the hot plate to medium high?

so far i have smoked salmon and that turned out great and the pulled pork was a big success with the in-laws!
I have never used a set-up like the one you are using, but to me it seems, things are doing fine. I only cook poultry at a higher temp to get the skin to crisp up. If possible please post some pics, I think it an interesting way to go about getting your smoke fix taken care of.

i dont have the technology to send you a picture, but i just took a peek and it looks great!

do you ever wrap it up in tin foil to keep it moist? is there something i should be mopping it with?
I don't usually wrap my birds, but then again, they are the most difficult thing for me to cook. I can do brisket, no problem, Pork Butt with my eyes closed, and I have to try and mess up on ribs, but the BIRD and I fight almost everytime on the grates.

I am in the habit of spraying everything I smoke about once an hour, but that gives me an excuse to not go do a honey do while BBQing
yo smokemom,
i luv your smoker.
i like people who adapt things to work again.

temperature control is the key to all
forms of cooking.

in my case i have a couple of thermometers
on each cook.
1 digital---1 old style analog round face.

air flow or circulation helps control chip burn. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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