First time to smoke anything...

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Original poster
Feb 11, 2007
Well easter/my fathers 60th B-day party gave me a good reason to get up the guts to buy a $20 hunk 'o meat and put some smoke on it. I have never smoked anything before. I got some good help from the forums and from Chris Harper... we work together. Anyway, I am gonna try to post some pics here so you can see how I did. My rub was Mollasass (sp?) and several spices. It turned out REAL GOOD! Surprisingly, not sweet. I was using lump charcoal and soaked Mesquite to add the smoke. I used up 13 lbs of coals and about the same in wood... It still turned out about like a medium steak would be cooked. (Does that make sense) I think I should have got it hotter... anyway here are the pics. It tasted very good.




cagstorm -

Tht looks just about perfect to me! The heat caramelizes the sugars and makes that nice crust we crave and strive for. Great job!

Looks like ya done real good for your first smoke...Hang here and you will learn all ya need to....a great place for sure...

Good Luck with your future smokes...It gets under your skin....Ya just can't hardly wait till the weekend, so ya can add something else to the smoker...
Tell your ole Dad........Happy Birthday from all of us at SMF...Hope he enjoyed your efforts to make some good eating...I'm sure he did....

Squeezy said it best, thats not the work of a newbie. Chris's smoka-a-holicness has rubbed off on you! Great job & Welcome.
AWESOME JOB cagstorm! You're for sure hooked now. You might just be the next smoke-a-holic. Keep pestering Chris with questions and Keep Smokin ... you're doing great!
Common Chris... can you vouch for me on this one?

Oh yeah and a big TEXAS THANK YOU to Buzzard for the smoker. It did a fine job man... You were right, you have to play with that little rock under the lid to get the temp just right.
man, craig, that looks good. my first brisket (if it counts, cooked it on an LP grill, and i didn't know what i was doing) looked no where near that good. this really was his first smoke. too bad he works weekends, and i am on second shift now- i can't sample his Q, like he used to sample mine.
Great job Cagstorm, sure wish my first brisket had looked that good.....Drooling first thing in the morning again.

Great to see Buzzard's smoker being put to such great use. Congrat's!!
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