First time ribs !

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Jul 11, 2007
OK, here I go. Smoker is assembled, seasoned and I'm putting on my first 2 slabs of ribs. I'm going to try the 3-2-1 method but I have 2 stupid questions.

1. When I apply the dry rub, should I do it to both sides or just the top side.

2. Should I turn the ribs over during the 3-2-1 and if so, how often.

Mike S.
Remember that 3-2-1 is a starting point that you will fine tune to your taste. More fall off the bone maybe 3-2 1/2- 1/2, more bite too your ribs, maybe 3- 1 1/2- 1 1/2. It will be up to you.
As to your questions. I apply rub to both sides, why not? As to flipping them. I do not bother, but alot of people do. Again, something you will eventually decide. Remember that everytime you open that smoker up, you can add 15 minutes of cooking time to your finale.
I'm no rib expert, for sure! I know what NOT to do, but have had some success'.

I don't flip, but some do. The most important thing is to watch them.

SMoker temp at 225*, watch them after about 3 hrs. When the meat pulls back from the bone about 1/4", put them in foil. After 45min in foil crack them open to see how far the meat is pull'n back. If 1/2" or more, take them out of foil and on to the grate to firm back up and add sauce if you want. After about 45 min out of foil, start wiggle'n bones, check meat temp, and pick them up at one end. If you can pull bones out, they are done; if the meat temp is 170*, probably done; if you pick them up and they feel like they will fall come apart, done.

Trial and error for me.......and most people, I believe.

Don't sweat the small stuff, you'll do fine.

BTW, is it dry enough to go outside there? Friends in Chanute, Coffeevile, and Baxter Springs. When your done w/the water, send it to west central KS(Scott County). We need a rain, SE part anyway.

Good luck, relax and have a cold one while your smoke'n.
I don't know if your ask'n me, but I'll give my $.02(keep the change).

I like vinegar based sauces, then I add a little cider vinegar and cajun spices, garlic&onion pwdr, to taste.

I like thinner sauces to "baste" with, or glaze, or what ever you want to call it. Not much for my family as they want to keep some what "clean". Just enough to "add" flavor, but not over power.

I'm not a big "ketchup" fan. Ketchup is used to........... I don't really know, I just don't care for it that much on anything. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.