First time rib smoke + pork loin

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 3, 2005
Cleveland TN
I was at the local Food Lion today and spotted spare ribs on sale for $1.49 per lb. They just looked too good to pass up. I have been reading about ribs so I figured why not...take the plunge. :) So this weekend I will try my hand at ribs. I intend on using the famous 3-2-1 method with Jeff's famous rub. My first question is do I lay the ribs bone side down or up for the smoke? and do I flip them over the course of the smoke or just leave them alone?
I think I will also cook a pork tenderloin with them ( got a 5 pounder in the freezer ) and maybe a turkey breast. Of course I won't forget 3-4 fatties!! The 7 pound bb looked so lonely in that big grill by itself this past weekend. May as well try and fill her up!! :lol:
Patrick, I smoke 'em bone side down and I don't do anything else except to mop 'em and to wrap 'em in heavy duty aluminum foil. Sometimes I sauce 'em towards the end sometimes I don't. The last batch I left neked and served the sauce on the side.
I have read some spray them down with apple juice during the smoke...what do you mop with?
I think I'm gonna leave mine neked and have sauce on the side.
As Dutch said, leave them bone side down and don't worry about the mop. You can spray them down with a little apple juice when you wrap them in foil if you'd like. And by the way, I think you'll really enjoy Jeff's rub. I use it often.

Yeh it is really good. I have already used it several times on bb roast and pork tenderloin - sometimes I add a little extra red pepper for a little more KICK!!

Thanks for the tips,
My mop is more of a spray. It consists of apple juice and 1 tablespoon of my rib rub. I spray once an hour for the first two hours then pour about 1/4-1/2 cup of the juice on the ribs when I wrap them.
I generally subscribe to the KISS method when smoking ribs,(i.e. Keep It Simple Stupid). As Dutch has said a spray bottle filled with apple cider or juice with a pinch or two of whatever rib rub you're using is all that's needed. Place the ribs in your smoker, bone side down and leave 'em alone for the first hour and a half to let the rub begin to form into the "bark" and adhere to the meat. Then begin spraying lightly every 45-60 minutes until its time to double wrap in HD foil with a splash of the spray mixture. Two hours wrapped and the last hour un wrapped to let them crisp up a bit...then serve.

This is just my personal preference, but I pretty much always serve my ribs straight from the smoker dry, with a couple different sauces on the side. Since you are already using Jeff's rub recipe, you know that it imparts an excellent flavor all by itself, so in my humble opinion, sauce should ALWAYS be optional. Hope this helps.

Try finishing them off near the end with some Habanero jelly. Give them a sweet zing.
Thanks for the ideas. I hadn't thought of a pepper jelly - that sounds good! I think this time I'll just spray them a little with apple juice and let that be it - and add a little to the foil wrap. I wasn't planning on adding any sauce. Maybe some on the side - but I bet the rub will be enough!!

I was also going to smoke a small turkey with the ribs. maybe 10 lbs or so. I need a trial run before turkey day and I'm running out of time.

This weekend needs to hurry up!! I'm getting hungry!!

Thanks Bob. Funny how you see familiar faces amongst the various forums.

Couple questions Patrick.

Is it a 5# Tenderloin, or is it a 5# pork loin? I got some suggestions if its a loin, for I never crank up the cooker without having at least 1 in there.

I've been lurking for afew months, but don't know if you came across some of the posts on removing the membrane from the back of the rack? Some do, some don't. I always do.

Turkey breast: Have you tried injecting with Tony C's Creole Butter? Or even plain old maple syrup? Both are awesome.
Hey Bill, glad you started posting.
It is a 5lb pork loin - I had planned on putting Jeff's famous rub on it. I have done that before and it was excellent, but I am always willing to try something new. whatcha got???

Yes I have seen the posting about the membrane and I do intend on removing it.

As far as the turkey goes I intend on brining it for 12-16 hours and then injecting with Emeril's essence and butter. If your not familar with the seasoning it is a cajon blend.

I do alot of turkey boobs. Check the packaging (I'm sure you know this, but I'll say it for myself) to see if its packed in a 11% solution (I have seen the range from 9 to 13%). If it says this, no need to brine it, because its been sitting in salt water for a few weeks/months.

Pork loins. I love'm. You ever stuff one? Take a long knife and cut a nice size "X" into one end. Do the same to the other, approximating where the "middle" will be. I then take something, anything with a large handle, and shove it in there (rolling pin or something). Stretch it out a bit.

Now get your hands in there and make sure your finger touch each other in the middle. The loin will look pretty deformed (pushed to gether) Your now ready to stuff.

With what you ask? Whatever you want. Bratwurst, italian sausage, anything. I will freeze a brat, or partially freeze, poke holes in the membrane, then shove one in one end, one in the other. I've also taken out of the casing, but this is harder to do.

Chorizo shoved in there is good as well.

Now smoke as normally do (I'll get to that in a minute) and your done. When you slice into it, you have an awesome presentation Bullseye: smokering, white pork, then the eye of whatever you stuffed it with.

Here is my method for smoking loins. I like to cook them between 210-225. I spray all day (I use kids juicebox type cherry juice) after an hour or two to let the rub set up. (I rub the night before)

After about 5 to 6 hours I'll throw a probe in there, and leave it in (removing lets out juice). Once I see 165*, I pull it off, wrap in HD foil, and put back into the smoker. Before wrapping and sealing, I spray it down real good to give the juices a start. Leave in the smoker till you see 190*. Remove

Place in a empty cooler, with a towel over the top of it. Try and wait at least 2 hours, 3 would be better.

When removing from cooler BE CAREFUL. You have no idea how much juice your gonna have. Put in casserole dish or large pan.

Carefully open foil. You will not be able to slice anything smaller than 3/4" slices, because this stuff is falling apart good. Spoon some juice over it, and serve.

Thank God I got half a loin left for dinner tonight.

Mine is not the only way to do loins, it is just another way.
Glad to see you posting again Bill-Hey what about them White Soxs??

You gave me an new idea about using the juicebox juice for mopping. We always have some on hand for the grandson's. Maybe they won't mind if grandpa borrows a couple. :)

Patrick- take a look at my Mohagany Glazed Pork loin recipe in this Thread. I get all kinds of WOW's whenever I serve it.
I was at the victory parade/rally. Ended right outside my office. Imagine 200,000 people in a traffic intersection, with another 800,000 spread down the 4 streets. Awesome. Born and raised on the South Side, so this is definitely my year.

But back to pork :)

The pork loin I had tonight was awesome. The good thing about reheating, you can slice thinner. I sliced 1/4" slices of loin, pan with water and reserved loin liquid, 20 minutes, served in a big bowl with juice. Fall apart good.

Earl, I will search the Mahoganny recipe.

But let me be clear, the juicebox is a spray. I am not a mopper. I get smaller bark, because my bark comes from sugar in the spray.

I do like mopped meats, I just never have gotten into the habit.

But I'm new to this smoking thing, about 5 years, and I have TONS to learn.

I'll post a picture of my family if I can dig one up. Not on this computer drive.

Edit: Found the Mahagony sauce thread. Adding that to the list. Thanks
All I've got to say Earl is WOW that sounds good. My wife cooks some sweet and sour meatballs with a sauce that is similar but uses jellied cranberries. I will deffinately have to try this SOON!!! Thanks

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