First time jerky & smoker in the snow!

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Jun 7, 2006
Valley Forge, PA
Fired up the new smoker yesterday for my first try at jerky. I started out Saturday with 2 lbs bottom round and regular flavor HiMtn. I purchased the jerky board and knife a week or so ago. Got the strips marinated and in the fridge they went.
Fired up the smoker about 7 pm temp about 28. Brought the temp up to 150 and it held there for awhile, so in they went. I went and checked in an hour and it climbed to 180. I used the clean water that was in it from the test fire the day before, so I think the water getting hot brought the temp up.
Well I turned it down a bit. Rented a movie with the boys and when I went back out and checked it the temp was down to 120. So I cranked it back up a wee bit and finally got it done about midnight. Experimentation will prevail!! Just have to get used to the new smoker. I guess the snow and ice didn't help! Over all success, the jerky is great!




BTW, the jerky rack I was using here is called Mother's two hour jerky maker. A friend of mine let me borrow it. Makes clean up really easy and it folds flat for easy storage. Found one on the net and ordered it. I had 2 lbs of meat and I had more room to go!!! I'll need it because I quickly realized that 2lb's won't go far with my 13 year old carnivore...
Way to go Shell!! In looking at your pics, it looks like you still have some fat on your jerky strips. You want to get your strips as lean as you can as it will help prolong the storage life of your jerky. Then again, if it disappears around your house like it does mine, you won't have to worry about the fat turning rancid.

FWIW-For every pound of finished jerky, plan on using 5 pounds of raw meat. Some folks don't realize how much meat it takes to have a pound of jerky-also the reason jerky is so dang expensive!
Great lookin' jerky there. Congrat's.
I also like that Mother's jerky thing. I'll check it out. Thanks.
Thanks! I ordered the Mother's jerky thing yesterday, clean up was a breeze, I just sprayed it all down with pam and clean up was a cinch. Hey Dutch, about the fat thing...I'm down to about 4 pieces of meat...That young carnivore is even eating it for breakfast!!!!
I will be doing another run of this next weekend. Everyone that has sampled it is very impressed! (me too) Too easy not to have been doing this since I've had the smoker! This would probably be good for the little electric smoker instead of hours of gas... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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