First time jerky questions.

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All good stuff. Gotta pass the SMF love on and tell you to try Owens jerky mixes. OMG, pro level better than store results. I slice with grain to keep it chewy or I'll eat it all. LOL.
@2.99lb if it even turns out half edible I will buy a bunch more and experiment!
I am sure somewhere here is my answer but I am going to present my plans

I Have some eye round I got fairly cheap, plan is to slice to 1/4". I have LEM backwoods jalapeno jerky seasonings to try. Weigh this out to what ever weight meat I want to use and sit over night.

I have 2 ways I can go to finish off:

1) smoke on the MB 800, I have read it can go as low as 180 deg but have not verified this yet. Is there a time frame for this or is it just get to the "feel" I want?


2) I have an old Ronco dehydrator as below, There are no temp settings, no fan, just rotate the racks. If going this route should I "dry" fire this up with some probes to get a feel for what temp it will run at?
View attachment 693731

Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.
Usually for jerky, and I use the same cut of meat, I use my dehydrator for consistency and I use my own spice mixture. On the other hand, I did get the jerky kit for my Camp Chef Windwood pellet grill and found that it works well on Low Smoke, about 160 degrees. to add a smoky finish. You just have to watch it as the temps will fluctuate in a pellet grill. They work on average temp over the cook time. Good luck.
I make mine on my recteq at 180. I flip the pieces on the racks and rotate the racks top to bottom after 1 hour. Check again in 1 hour. Some pieces are done at that time, so I pull those and put in a 3/4 closed zip lock bag. Check the other pieces in 30 minutes and pull the ones that are finished.
The next day the smoke flavor really kicks in:)
I cut it about 1/4” and do as above at 180 for an hour or so, then turn it up a little…it’s pretty subjective on that depending on how it’s drying. I will keep drying as it cools, so keep that in mind. Thicker is easier to keep moist, super thin I tend to over dry and it’s almost crispy...not bad, I just prefer it be a little chewy.
Ive used those mixes you mentioned. They are good. But I love discos OFG Jerky is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.