First time bbqing

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Original poster
Jul 30, 2006
Vancouver BC

I've been spending time in this great forum since i got my first smoker last weekend. A charbroil Sierra, with offset firebox. Anyway, did my very first ever smoke bbq using pork ribs, with 321 method. Used lump charcoal and hickory chips, took about 6.5 hours. Anyway, need to adjust the rub as it turned out a bit too hard for others, but it tasted great and was very tender.

Thank you all for all the great info in this great site!
First, this is probably the Jim Beam talking, but congrats on your cook! Second, Ribs, and to a lesser extent butts, are very sensitive to rubs. The best way to figure out the best amount is to do several racks with different treatments. Anyway, your ribs look great, and welcome to the darkside!;)
Did you make the rub, or was it bought?

Congratulations on making a successful rib cook and posting the pics. That's like hitting the daily double. 8)
Glad you found us! The ribs look nice. I'll be doing my first ribs this week. I've done my homework, and look forward to the smoke. Any-hoo, welcome here!!
Well welcome to being addicted to the good kind of smoking. Trust me it will be a bit of trial and error at first but you will get it down. Ribs look good not over cooked.

As for the rubs you will have to play with them. I have been working on a rib rub for about 5 months now and I am just starting to get it down. After I saw a how a few people cooked today at a BBQ competion I want to try a few things. One is when you put the ribs in foil you coat the foil in honey. I just did apple cider and brown suger he did that and added the honey. The ribs were very sweet just a little over cooked.
Fellow smokers,

Thank you all for the welcome, questions and advice! I got the recipe for the rub from Emeril's recipe site. Came out a little too hot for some and also a little salty. When i put the ribs in the foil, i sprayed it with apple juice.

Now, around here where i live in Vancouver, BC, there's only one or two place i could even attempt to eat this type bbq as they're just nowhere near as many places as it is down at some parts of the US. Everyone grills for the most part here, i'd say, but smoking is catching on.

Now for the last two years, i've been going down to Tulsa OK to visit very good friends. So, i've been missing Tulsa bbq, i decided that i should finally bring a bit of Oklahoma home with me! Just need to practice lots to get it's certainly been a curiosity with my friends and finally..."what do you mean yer smoking ribs? For how many hours???!" :-)

Sam those ribs loot mighty flavorful! 8) Wow a rack with 14 bones!!! :shock: :D

I've found myself backing off on the amount of rub that I use on ribs. Even this last batch I made (11 racks), I'm thinking that they could use a little less. Some reason the salt was slightly more than I wanted too but I doubt it was the rub
I think the ribs were "enhanced" if you asked me. :(

Keep after it until you find the perfect balance and keep up the great posts. :D

You sure are right about these long slabs. The wife got them at costco, and when she told me she bought only two packs (each having two) for 5 people, i said, "ya sure it's enough??". Well, Let's just say we had leftover, and heated up nice, they were great the next day. I think with the rub, i put too much of it onto the ribs. I think the recipe is right but i just put too much. Now, i can't believe how much fun i'm having just figuring things out with smoking.

BTW, i'm smoking two chickens as i type this using a marinade like the way they do it over in the Philippines. It's rotisserie style over hot coals but i'm smoking it using the marinade recipe. There's a thick dipping sauce that comes with this chicken that's just fantastic. Anyway, we'll see how it turns out.

Here's a pic of the Filipino grilled chicken that's to die for the way they do it over there. I'll post up in the chicken section once it's done and if it comes out well.


Hey Leatherman,

I spent a lot of time in the Philippines back in the day. Is that recipe and Adobo? or is it like the meat the kids sold off the hibachis on the street corner? I loved them both.
Welcome, you are going to love eating the ribs cooked with the rub that is not the way you want them to be. I loved finding the right taste to my ribs when I started smoking.

Keep working on the changes, and keep us informed. great pictures, and a good report. looking forward to your next cook. If you get anymore of those leftovers, you can feel free to ship them to Southern California. Here at Icemn62 Labs, we will examine your BBQ, and give you an in-depth report on how good your BBQ Kung Fu is.

Grab a cold one, and jump in with the rest of us.

No this is not the recipe for adobo. If you want the recipe for adobo, let me know and i'll post it up. It is sooo good! Adobo is stewed chicken or pork, filipino style. Anything "adobo" is stewed.

Lechon manok has a different recipe. I'll post it up in the chicken section when i'm done smokin and eating tonite. :-) Yes, you can buy these roast chicken at any lil street corner store all over the country. Everyone has their own recipe and sauce.

Do you remember when you were in the PI and lechon? Lechon is roast pig, with the crispy skin and it is usually eaten with this great dipping sauce "sarsa" for roast. (You can now buy this sauce in bottles, like ketchup, btw. This same dipping sauce is used for the chicken as well as condiment.

Still today, every where in the PI, you can buy grilled meat and seafood in every street corner. They are usually pork cut into bite size pieces. People usually sprinkle it with some native coconut vinegar that is spiced up with hot chili peppers, garlic and onions before eating. Sooo good! I was just on an island there this summer and had grilled stuff meat and squid every night! :-)

Iceman62: Iceman62 Labs? I think i should send you my next batch of ribs for certificatio in the lab. :-) I never thought smoking food could become an obsession. This website and you folks sure are contagious! I'm loving every minute of it, seeing that there's great reward in it about dinner time!

Sam, welcome to SMF. Great looking ribs you have there. When you first start out in this art, there is a multifaceted learning curve that we have to deal with and part of that is rubs. Find a rub that you like or develope your own and run with it. You are off to a great start.

As for those 14 rib plates, they do happen on occasion. When the cutter miscalculates where to cut the shoulder from the loin/plate you can end up with a 14 rib plate or heaven forbid a 12 rib plate :roll:.
Great lookin' food there Leatherman :D Your doing just fine 8) Also love your neck of the woods. Would love to live up there but the wife says"too cold" :roll:
Hey Leatherman,

Please post that Adobo recipe. I have one but it's not exactly like I remember it. Also, if you have a recipe for lumpia and the red sauce we dipped that in I would love to get it from you. If you don't think it appropriate to post in the recipe section (since it's not smoked) just PM it to me.

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