first spare ribs....

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Aug 6, 2007
here they're first spare ribs ever & my first time smoking ever!

ribs all trimmed up! I've never trimmed them before or even opened a package of ribs for that they look? They were only like $7.99 a decent price? I'm not really even sure what to look for in ribs.

fatty: done!

check out the smoke ring

ribs commin off the smoker

inside after they're nice rest & ready to eat! so, yeah...ummm....I snagged a lil piece walking them inside from the smoker :)
Looks good
, I guess the price depends on how much they were a pound, then we'll know if it's good or bad. Did you do a 3-2-1 or just leave them on the grate?
OK now ya went and made me hungry before bedtime. Oh well, I'll dream about ribs and wake up with a hearty appetite for breakfast.
yeah, I did a 3-2-1...not mushy at all! I thought they came out great!

I don't know what they were a pound...sorry
nope, not stuffed...I figured for the first time I'd just throw it on there and see what happens.

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