First smokin under my belt !!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by woodruff, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. woodruff

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    took the char broil smoker that i converted into an electric / charcoal smoker and cooked 6 chicken legs, 4 leg quarters, & 4 center cut bone in pork chops . rub them well in my homemade rub, after 3 hours at 200 degrees i basted them in my home made BBQ sauce and run the temp up to 250 degrees for another 30 min. they came out fantastic, even my wife who was real shaky on the idea of all that long smoked backyard cooking loved them and wants more smoked cooking done this weekend for fathers day. thanks to all who have welcomed me to this site and for all the help last week as i started this journy!!!!
  2. Glad things worked out good for you.Don't forget the Q-view,we like to look at pictures here.[​IMG]
  3. gooose53

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    Now you've gone and done it.....YOUR HOOKED!! Like the rest of us....
  4. woodruff

    woodruff Fire Starter

    Craig, ill figure out a way to post some Q-view pics next time, my home computer is crashed so ill bring the memory card to work and get them up, this weekends Fathers Day cooking will be shared between 2 smokers, my convertion smoker and my new ( got it today) Black Jack smoker, the father of a guy i work with designed , patented and made the Black Jack smokers years ago and now doesnt make them anymore, he was gracious enough to pass one down to me, it will hold around 100 lbs of meat, so ill be doing 6 racks of ribs, 10 bone in pork chops and some chicken, ill take pics of the MES and post next week, happy Smokin
  5. daddio

    daddio Meat Mopper

    good deal,and yep you'll be hooked now fer sure,escpecially if the wife likes it!! see then she'll be supportive ........until you start eyeing another smoker or the latest this or that!! they just don't understand....

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