First Smoke

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Jun 20, 2007
Troy AL
I put a 6lb Boston Butt on at 7:30 this morning, temps on the smoker
were hard to keep below 275 for the first couple of hrs. Now I have it
running about, using hickory chunks and put the last on at 135, will not
add any more.
On the smoker

31/2hrs into the smoke, meat temp 142
Lookin good
Keep us updated
looks good blackhawk did that smoker come with the hole for your probe or is that a "custom" job? like ultramag said.. better take a couple more of that smoker if you like it looking new its all down hill from here (this is a good thing!)
Well it reached 200 degrees at 5pm, along with a Fatty(Jimmy Dean Mild) I put on at 2pm. Smoke took 9and1\2 hrs

This is the results, we had some great sandwiches tonight

I will call my first smoke a success and I'm taking half of it to my Son in
the mornin
No, I read about that late Sunday night and didn't have time to get the
ingredients before my smoke, it sounds great and I'm going to have it ready for next time. I made one mistake on this smoke, I told my Son I would give him half of the meat and now I hate to part with it. I learned from that and next time I'll smoke two is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.