First Smoke this Sunday

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Original poster
Nov 8, 2006
North TX
I will be doing my first smoke this Sunday. Does anyone have any suggestions on my first attempt? Something easy and fairly fail safe. I would like to impress the misses so as to justify the cost.
i have always had excellent results with pork loin. thier inexpensive, you can get them on sale for 1.50 lb, but expect to pay 2.00 lb. and easy. ill put on some rub, let it sit overnight, and thow it on the smoker at 200-220 for around 4 hours. i have yet to have a complaint on loin. its juicy, lean in fat, and down right good.

You could try a meatloaf. Here is a link to one of mine. The recipe is at the bottom of the first page.

I don't think I'll ever cook a meatloaf inside again unless the weather is too cold to be outside and run the smoker. It does get real cold here during the winter. (read -35F)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


nice to have you back sofla, i was thinking a butt too. however i was thinking that could take a long time depending on conditions. a butt was my second smoke after a chicken (which i screwd up royaly) and i remember thinking how much work it was on a simple smoke, but it was the best thing i have cooked yet, dont know what i was doing realy, but i managed my way thourgh a 15 hour smoke to prefection.
I say chicken because the one thing I've noticed in these posts is, seems like first timers get very frustrated tending to a smoker all day and or night and they pull the butt or brisket way to early. A chicken can be done in four hours.
I'm no expert by any stretch, but 15 years ago when I got my ECB, the first thing I did was a chicken, cob corn, and taters. I haven't looked back since. I love anything on the smoker, but my favorite is poultry by far. And if I'm looking to impress, I do a couple fresh butchered chickens and end up wishing I had done more. Even the women that normally eat like mice when they're guests in someone else's house, can't get enough. We have a skinny friend. When I say skinny, I mean like anorexic. She puts away half a chicken by herself. When we go out to eat, she eats a salad. And not very much of it.

You are correct, that chicken takes less time. However, for a newbie that has not yet mastered "smoke control", he/she can easily turn it black and end up with creasote chicken. At 1.5 Hrs/Lb, they can always chose a smaller Butt that takes less time. It's very hard to over-smoke a Butt.

Plus, tending the Pit is what it's all about.....don't you think?


You are correct, a Pork Loin would not be a bad choice. However, keep in mind that it is a lot leaner cut than a Boston Butt and a newbie could easily over-cook it. It likewise depends whether they are looking for "Pulled" or "Sliced" pork.

A simple man's opinion (in your words) is as valued as the next on this Forum! Thanks for contributing!

I definitely agree that's it's all about tending the pit. When I sink my teeth into a perfectly smoked piece of flesh that I was on top of all day or night, there is a certain satisfaction that you can't get from oven roasted meat. Unless said meat is finished in the oven.
I over smoked my last meatloaf and the last batch of biscuits. The family loved it, I did not. But then my taste buds are out of whack.
Trust me, G'Slinger, when you've done this as long as some of us (and you probably have), the slightest imperfection sticks out like a sore thumb! My wife thinks I'm Anal about my 'Q, but hey, I know good 'Q and not so good 'Q!!!

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