First smoke on the GOSM Big block w/ Q View....

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Sep 2, 2009
Southeastern North Carolina
Decided to break in the big block today!!  Did 3 racks of trimmed up spares, a fattie and some beans.  The fattie consisted of whatever we could find in the house....Nathans hotdogs, zucchini, onion, jalapeno pepper, mozz and munster cheeses.  Beans were just some doctored up bush's bb.  The fattie was delicious, the fam loved it and will be beggin for them from now on, HA.  I did a variation of the 3-2-1 with the spares, more of a 3-1-2ish since i don't really like um to fall apart but have more of a tug to get the meat of the bone....with a mix of hickory and apple wood, spritzin with apple juice every hour.  I used a store bought rub this time, Adam's rib rub, made right here in NC.  I usually make my own rub but this smoke was last minute and didn't have time to shop for ingredients.  The rub was just OK, I will make the time next smoke to mix up my rub.  The 3-1-2 method I went with i def like better than the 3-2-1, they were very tender and required a slight tug to pull the meat off of the bone.  The were great!!  BUT as we all know, they are never perfect and I will continue to play around until I get them just right. This was also my first time using my new Mav ET73, and I must say this thing is kinda sweet.  Nice being able to sit in the house and watch the baseball game with a cold one and not have to worry about the temps. 

Oh, we also baked some sweet potato goodness and had some potato salad (yes, we love potatoes and will probably be paying for this meal for the next week). All of the above served with a buttery croissant, slathered in homemade pear preserves.  YUMMY!!

Well, here's the Q-view....I do apologize tho, some of these were taken with my BB camera....also not sure why the pics are all out of order, or why a couple of the pics are tiny (they were not that way until i posted the thread, maybe someone can help me with that....but it's all here.


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