First Smoke in Process....One Question....

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Jul 2, 2007
Crossroads, Tx
I am about an hour into my first smoke. I have about 10lbs of chicken quarters and thighs smoking right now. I understand the principle of raising the temp to help keep the skin from becoming rubbery, but right now, I am having a hard time getting my temps higher than 260. Is chicken safe to cook at about 260? Thanks again.

I assume you mean safe to EAT. Chicken is done at 170 to 175*. You are just attempting to flash cook the skin to give you a crunch. I smoke till internal temp reaches 160 then into the oven in the house for another hour at 175 with aluminum foil tented over it. you can always try a higher temp in the oven for more crunch.
I have a charcoal GOSM and it can take me anywhere from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours to smoke leg quarters, but I average around 200* for the cooking temps.
Thanks. I am more interested in the chicken being safe to eat. Right now, the internal temp of the chicken is at 152 and rising.
then 170-175 is fine, but my wife likes her chicken done. So sometimes if I do not transfer to the oven, I will take it up another 7 or so degrees. Not being able to reach a "desired" temp, does not mean the food will not cook properly, it just means it might take longer to get "done".
No problem, chicken is a great meat to start learning the smoking process. Not to expensive if you mess up anything

You can also see if the leg rotates easily in the joint. This will show you if it is done also. Enjoy and don't open that smoker too much
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