First smoke in new GOSM

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medicine man

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Sep 24, 2005
South Fla
I got a GOSM for father's day last night, put it together and seasoned it yesterday. Got it hot, put in a couple Hickory chunks and it smoked for about 1 hour before needing to add more. Added a Mesquite chunk and an hour later it's still not smoking, so I added 2 more small chunks of Hickory. 20 minutes later still no smoke. Temp on the door gauge is holding steady at 220*

This one seems to use much less wood than my Brinkmann electric. Im' sure I'm overthinking this. Thoughts?
Welcome Medicine Man -

I can't remember if you've ever been introduced at roll call, If you have ignore this if you haven't go do that sometime soon so we can properly welcome you.

Anyway ...

The thermometers on the smokers are not generally very accurate on the GOSMs. Always use a separate thermometer to check your temperatures. That being said - if the wood isn't smoking it's just not getting hot enough for some reason. Thicker pieces take longer to get started than do thinner pieces. I know this somes kind of simple but when wood ignites it smokes.
I've been reading this forum for a year or so, haven't been formally introduced as I don't post much (as you can tell). Mostly I just read as others have asked the questions I come up with.

Got a pork butt going for Father's Day, the element on my electric Brinkmann blew up last night, so I took this opportunity to buy a GOSM. I may buy an element and keep the Brinkmann as a spare.
Ah now I know why the names familuar.

Well what ever it takes to get a new smoker eh? I think Brinkman is still selling parts pretty reasonble.
Medicine man,

I use a thin metal baking dish instead of the cast iron box that came with the smoker. Seems to start smoking at lower temps. Hope this helps?
I found an element for $30.00. Also, looks like the door thermometer on the GOSM is reading about 20* lower than 2 other thermometers I have, none digital (the only digital one I have is in the butt).
That is most likely the answer Medicine Man. GOSM door thermos are notoriously wrong. Mine even changes how far off it is periodically so even though it's adjustable I don't recommend using it.

Mine is the Big Block model and I have found no need to replace the chip pan. It actually works great and holds heat well. Just fire it up and toss in your chunks about ½ hour before you want to start cooking. Most users have also found better results by not using the lid to increase air flow to the "fire".
Funny you should say that. I took my digital thermometer out of the butt and stuck it in a cucumber (didn't have a potato). Sometimes the door thermometer on the GOSM is very close, sometimes it's off by 20 or more *!

What do most use as thermometers to check the temp if not using the standard one that comes with it?
A Maverick ET-73 w/ dual probes (1 for food and 1 for smoker temp) is the most ideal one I have found for the GOSM. It comes with a clip that attaches to the grates and the probe then slips in and out. It is a nice remote thermo and I have been using mine hard for over a year now with no problems.
I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.The thermometer on my GOSM is right on. At first I thought it was off too, so I pulled it out and tested it using the ole boiling water test.The maverick and the door thermometer was right on. they both showed 212 when the water started to boil.It turns out that it was my probe thermometer that was off. The first time I used my GOSM, it wouldn't smoke either. I thought the only way to get it to smoke was to crank up the temp. to over 300 then back it back down. As usual I was wrong, now I put in some chips and my one chunk. It'll take about 15-20 minutes to start smoking, after that I just add a chunk when I see it starting to smoke more then usual. Someone said that means it's starting to burn up the chunk. They were right. Just add another little chunk and we're back in bussiness. I would try to use chips to get it started and go from there. It works for me.
I find that using chunks mixed with chips works best for me! I generally use hickory chunks and mix with apple or cherry gives a wonderful smoked flavor! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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