First Smoke Hollow use! Pics included!

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Original poster
Jan 11, 2007
Southern MN
Hey all,
I did these two chickens last Saturday. I held the temp right at 300 degrees for about three hours. I was very impressed with my Smoke Hollow smoker it held at 300 degrees with very little effort even though it was only 13 degrees and cloudy with snow flurries. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

After 1 hr.

1hr. to go!

Cutting it up!

Thanks msmith and Go fish!

Gofish thats right a few spuds and a couple of fatties. No rub or anything else just used a brine recipe a friend gave me and let them soak for 48 hrs. Thats all there was to it.
That looks awesome.

I smoked some ribs, fatties, and Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans last Saturday. My smoke hollow did pretty well in that cold too.

Would you mind putting the brine recipe on here? Those birds look good. I think I should try them myself.
Great job Jeremy keep up the good work. Keep those picture reports coming
Debi I really like my Smoke Hollow. It held a constant temp with very little effort.

Smokin Stang sorry for the dumb question! What is the gas control valve you are talking about? Where can I get one? Also thanks for the contact info you gave me for outdoor leisure products. I contacted them about the thermometer being off and they are sending me a new one.
You would need to purchase an electric oven thermostat ( two Pole ), a pilot generator, and a gas control valve plus some 1/4 inch aluminum tubing. You can order all of these items from Grainger. The thermostat shuts on and off the gas when your pre-set temperature inside the smoker is reached. Go to the propane section and check out Cajunsmoker's modifications to his. Mine is set up basically like his. PM Cajunsmoker for the part numbers because I do not have them anymore. Between the two of us, we should be able to come up with the numbers for you.

Nice job on the Yardbirds! Was there a particular reason you spiked it up to 300*? That is way beyond "Low and Slow". Another 150* and you'd be "Grilling" them instead of "Smoking" them. Just curious.

Glad you joined us!

Jeff, With the propane units, if you crank up the temps for the last 20-30 minutes the added heat will crisp up the skin. If you're not a skin eater and just peel and toss it, then 230-250* is where it's at!
SoFlaQuer this was my first try at smoking. I read a lot of different things about temps and chicken. It was very confusing. Some people said they smoke chicken at 250 or less others said 325-350 degrees. I didn't know what to do so I split the difference and cooked at 300. I figured I would experiment and I would know for next time if I needed to cook at a lower temp. Now after cooking them at 300 I'm not sure I would change anything. They turned out fabulous! They had good smoke flavor. They where tender and very juicy. Maybe next time I will try at a lower temp just to see how they turn out.
Well Jeremy if it was an oven it'd be around 350 so all you did was bake it with a bit of smoke - no harm done if it was edible if not it was an inexpensive lesson to learn. Next time you slow smoke it and it will be perfect.

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