First Smoke EVER!

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jul 25, 2006
Columbus, Ohio
Alright, it wasn't my first smoke ever, first smoke on the new rig, a Charbroil Silver Smoker. The old rig was a Brinkman electric water smoker.

The bird was about 5 lbs, and in the past I used a molasses/ pickling salt brine...this time I didn't brine it at all. I filled a Canada Dry Gingerale Can halfway with apple juice, stuck it up the chicken rear and put it on the smoker. I didn't even rub it or anything.

I used kingsford to get the smoker going, then I did a load of lump (Cowboy), and another load of Kingsford. The experience I had was that the Kingsford raised the temp of the chicken, and that the Cowboy maintained it.

I pulled the chicken out after about 5 hours. I didn't have a therm for the smoker, so I just used the probe in the chicken (It's a pyrex, you can see it in one of the pics). I checked the temp about every half an hour, even charted the temperature (yes, I am a smoker nerd).

All in all, it turned out well-- my wife liked it better than the ECB smoked brined chicken, and the kids ate second helpings. I even liked it better.


Good looking yard bird you have there Woody. Great looking color, what kind of wood did you use for smoke?
I used hickory. The only two kinds of wood I can get (chips or chunks) is hickory and mesquite at the local Lowes.
Nice job on the new rig, I also have the char broil silver smoker.

I'm trying to find a insulation solution that isn't expense for the winter time though. I find it's hard to keep the temps up high if it's cold. Like when I was doing an overnight it got about 65*F outside. I was using tons for fuel then when I do anything during the day. I want to do something with a water heater jacket. But this is all for another discussion.

Anyway, congrats and enjoy the smoker, it's worked great for me!

hey, I was wondering, aren't there plans on line for the mods to the silver smoker? where are they?

also, what about putting in a few bricks or stones or something in the firebox (or even the smoking chamber) to act as heat sinks for the whole rig? They could capture the heat and regulate a little better?

One thing I like about the SS is the fact that it is heavier than the ECB I've been using. However, the latest in the year I've ever used the ECB is october, after that it's just too cold and windy (and around here, usually rainy too). What's the SS like to run in the winter?
Yeah there are mods for the silver smoker, I did all of them quite soon after getting my smoker. I even built a charcoal box, which is the greatest most convient thing I think. But I found this document on another website before I joined this forum. Now I just stick to this website. But here the link

It's a great resource for the silver smoker.

And I just got my smoker early this season so I don't know how it'll do in the winter and I'm quite curious like you. I'm pretty sure I'll need to do something about insulation though based on my overnight experience. I do have an easy up tent, just because it seems to rain everytime I want to smoke. it works great and I won't let the rain stop me, and I'll figure something out about winter cause I have no plans to let winter stop me either!
Nice looking Bird you got there Woody.. Nice Job.. I also have the "silver smoker" .. mY wife calls me a "smoking nerd" so I laughed when I seen you mension that.

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