first smoke ever on the CG

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Aug 6, 2007
well, it's begun; my first time smoking anything ever!!! and it just happens to be on the char grill smokin' pro.

I'm so excited I had to post up some pics even though the ribs won't be done until 6pm tonight...or so...

so, here are the pics...just getting started!

with the smoker fully warmed up, this gauge is showing about 25* below the actual temp. I have 2 over thermometer's inside (1 on each side). They were showing roughly 225* inside

here's the SFB filled with Wicked Good Charcoal weekend warrior blend, with a few hickory chunks thrown in. This is 1 unlit chimney.

said charcoal!


here's the chimeny getting going! it's only on the grate for the photo-op :)

ribs all trimmed up! I've never trimmed them before or even open a package of ribs for that matter. How they look? They were only like $7.99 a that a good/bad price?

Mapp gas to light the was actually super easy to light with this. It did spark quite a bit, but it was real easy.

warming up!! how's the smoke look?
7.JPG're the results of the first smoke!

The fatty was delicious! As were the ribs!

fatty: done!

check out the smoke ring

ribs commin off the smoker

inside after they're nice rest & ready to eat!
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