First Smoke and first brisket

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Nov 18, 2006
Hi all -

I finally found a brisket that wasn't corned and smoked it today. What an awsome smell! I've been staving all day smelling this thing. I'm normally not a big meat eatter but this was great! Just the right balance of hickory and and spice and so juicey! I had to cut it in half to get it all on the top rack. I have a Brinkman all-n-one


I stole a hunk during cooking yummmm!

Good job Debi! I don't know if you mentioned, but what are you cooking on, that you had to cut the brisket in half? Just curious.

Is there a Walmart Super Center near you? They carry Excel Full Packer Briskets. If yours doesn't, go to the Meat Manager, and he/she can order them for you. Be careful on cutting that meat during cooking, you'll end up wioth a drier than usual finished product!

That looks great. Personally, haven't done a brisket yet, but think I'm gonna have to. Thanks.
I have a Brinkman All in One grill/smoker/charcol, gas, electric thing that looks like a big round cold capsal.

This Brisket was really long - I carried it in my arms like a baby. When I first saw it I thought it was a whole rib section, but it was a Brisket. I didn't want it hanging off the edges so I cut it in half.
Now that is a nice looking brisket Debi!! What did you use for a rub?

How do you like the Brinkmann All in One? My daughter was asking me about them. The Brinkmann that I have is a charcoal burner, so I couldn't really give her an opinion about the All in One.
We do have a Wal-Mart super store about 10 miles from here but I only saw corned beef briskets. Never asked anyone I didn't know they would do that for you. I went to a butcher shop and they had one left it was 8.5 pounds but really long. I'm used to seeing little 8"x8" corned beefs I was shocked how big it was.

Great taste but next one I think I'll inject some of the spices inside as I usually do with meat. Inside it was kind of blah outside was amazingly wonderful. I never ate a brisket before so I didn't mess with it to much.
Usually where you find whole packer briskets, you can find brisket flats and points (the component parts of the whole brisket). The flat sliced thin makes great sammiches and the point makes for great chopped sammich meat.
Hi Dutch -

I just used my low key rub of garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and cajun spice. With a bit of butter this makes a great mixture for injecting into the meat before cooking. Sometimes I'll add a bit of soy sauce to that but it usually goes in and on everything. I also added basil and oregano to the water pan it really gets the Italian smells in there. Yeppers I'm Italian!

The Brinkman All in One is a better smoker than a charcol grill. If you want to grill burgers or anything fast you need to use the gas or electric option or you'll be sending your guests home hungry.

As a smoker - I did have to drill 5 little holes all around the top and 12 around the sides to control the heat as there is no air flow adjustment. I'll have to cut one in.

There is no door to put the charcol or wood chunks in so you have to lift the whole thing up off the fire box to get it in. That got really old after about five hours.

This thing is supposed to be able to cook 50 lbs. of food at once. I don't know - it'd be so packed in there, there would be no air flow.

It does make a great turkey fryer, steamer or beer brewing station and the stand is built better than most.

Over all I'd say:
It will work fine as a smoker, better when I modify it a bit
Lousy as a standard family charcol grill
Okay as a gas grill
I didn't buy the electric option but I think it'll bake like an oven
Okay as a smoker grill - I always grill with wood chips so that's a plus
Great as a turkey fryer/steamer

If your looking to grill burgers this is not your grill. If you want a multi tasking unit that smokes and a turkey fryer it's not a bad deal. It does not come with the pot or strainers.

I do think that having to take the top off to add fuel is dangerous.
If you grill or smoke on a wood deck or something other than concrete do not buy this unit to use charcol or wood! It is too easy to accidentally knock a hot ember out of this unit and start a fire.

Brinkman are you listening?

How's that Dutch?
Thanks, Debi. I'll direct my daughter to your post. Maybe I'll let her "adopt" my Brinkmann charcoal smoker for awhile 'til she gets an idea of what she wants.

Hello there...Forgive me for not saying Hi before a lot of stuff going on here lately...glad to see someone else from Ct here.. I'm down in Danbury...
Catching up on your posts... looks like you have things very well under control...keep up the good work...sure wish my first brisket came out that good...

Dutch -

Don't get me wrong for the price it's not bad BUT it really needs a door AND the fire hazard thing is imposible to ignore.

Hi Richard -

Danbury huh? I'll probably be asking you alot of questions in the dead of winter. Do you smoke in the snow?

The brisket did come out pretty but the shoulder I turned into pulled pork was amazing with my lemon dipping sauce. Ended up eatting that first.


The shoulder looked great also...a nice pulled pork sandwich would have tasted good now..but I only had turkey left...oh well...
This will be my first winter everything will be new to me also, as far as smoking in the snow..anyway..don't know if I'll be able to get anything done this some major surgery coming up in a couple of weeks...and it looks like I'll be stuck inside for most of the winter...I do get "cabin fever" very easy so you never know..
Anyway.. looks like you are doing great..but still ask all the questions you want...someone will have the answer for you...

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